The Northeastern Swim Team has a volunteer parent board, which is comprised of an executive committee (voting) and committee chairs (non-voting).  The Executive Committee will meet monthly to discuss issues related to the dry side of the organization. Committee chairs will meet with officers quarterly or on a need-basis. Committee chairs also may establish sub-committees. Minutes from the board meeting are available upon request.

Executive Board:

President - Matt Sailor ([email protected])

Vice President - Joie LaFrentz ([email protected])

Secretary - Alecia Bucksa ([email protected])

Treasurer - Angela Leuenberger ([email protected])

Safe Sport Coordinator- Melissa Vobr ([email protected])


NST Bylaws:

Northeastern Swim Team Bylaws (11/10/17)

All members on the executive committee will be in their current position for a two-year term for a maximum of two consecutive terms. At the end of their term, they may choose another position on the executive committee. They may also serve in the position they previously held after a single term break. As established in the clubs articles of incorporation, the Executive Director will shall remain in effect until voluntarily choosing to relinquish his/her position. 

Members of the Parent Board must have swimmers currently enrolled in the Northeastern Swim Team. Members shall not have a conflict of interest. Anyone interested in a position should state their interest by June. In July the parent board will vote for parent board positions and any Board of Director position whose term has ended; except the Executive Director position.