1) Who can join the Northeastern Swim Team (NST)?
Anyone who is able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards) without stopping or assistance is eligible to join. Our range will be anywhere from 8 & unders to collegiate swimmers.

2) Who can participate in the Northeastern Swim Team (NST)?
The Northeastern Swim Team is open to anyone who can make the practices which are located at the Luther College Aquatic Center in Decorah, IA or the Cresco Fitness Center in Cresco, IA. Swimmers from all over NE Iowa, SE Minnesota and SW Wisconsin are encouraged to join!

3) Can I be on the Northeastern Swim Team and on my local swim team?
You may be on the Northeastern Swim Team and your local park and rec swim team as long as the park and rec team is not a USA swim team. If you are considering doing the summer league and NST, please check with your summer league as some require practices to attend their meets. However, times achieved at a park and rec meets will not count toward Q-times or other USA time standards.

4) I am currently swimming for another USA swim team but wish to swim on the Northeastern Swim Team?
You will have to be complete the ISI APP-3_1 Athlete Transfer Form (fillable) and will be registered as Unattached for meets until 120 days have passed. You will still register as a member of the Northeastern Swim Team but will register for meets as Unattached until the 120 days have passed. If you are currently coached by another USA club coach, please notify them that you are registering to compete for the Northeastern Swim Team. If you have further questions regarding this, please email us at [email protected]

5) What exactly does Unattached status mean?
A swimmer in “unattached” status can still practice with a team, be a part of that team’s activities, but cannot score, or post times as a member of that team, until their 120 day waiting period is over. Unattached swimmers cannot compete in any relays at Championship meets.

6) What is my USA Swimming ID number?
The USA Swimming ID number is what you will use to register for meets and any other USA Swimming events. The ID number is 14 characters long: birthdate (mmddyy), first three letters of your first name (abc), middle initial (d), and first four letters for last name (efgh).

7) How long will the each season run?
Each season will run approximately  5-6 months.

8) Do I need to have a USA Membership if I don’t plan on doing meets?
Yes. All athletes are required to fill out the USA Membership form prior to entering the water at practice. The Northeastern Swim Team uses a yearly registration application that will be paid once a year (Note the USA calendar year starts in September).

9) How much will it cost?
Check out our Registration Cost & Fees page for more information regarding cost.

10) What practice should I attend?
Check out our practice guidelines HERE. Each category will offer different practice times and days available to swim. This was done to accommodate every skill level within the available pool hours.

  • Intro will practice three days a week for 45 minutes. This group is for 8 & Under swimmers. Swimmers 10 & under who are new to NST may also register for this group.

  • Age Group will practice Monday through Friday for 45 minutes. Swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards) without stopping, generally ages 13 & under are encouraged to start with this practice option.

  • Junior swimmers will practice Monday through Friday for 90 minutes, typically ages 10 & up. There will also be 15 minutes of dryland prior to each practice. Swimmers 13 & younger may advance from the age group practices to junior upon demonstrating the minimum requirements to the head coach. Anyone at the age of 14 will automatically start training with this group.

  • Senior swimmers will practice Monday through Friday for 2 hours. There will also be 15 minutes of dryland prior to each practice. Typically ages 11 & up, this group of swimmers will range from middle school swimmers, high school swimmers and collegiate swimmers. Swimmers may advance from the junior practices to senior level by demonstrating the minimum requirements to the head coach.

If you still are not sure which practice to attend, contact Coach Eric Crawford at [email protected]

11) What are Q times and what does an A cut mean?
A Q time is the time standard needed to qualify for the Short/Long Course State Championship meet. The A cut is a national age group motivational time standard. Both can be found under the “Time Standards” tab at the top of the page.

12) Am I required to attend every practice?
The Northeastern Swim Team keeps attendance but does not require swimmers to attend practices. Swimmers who attend more NST practices will get the most out of the program.

13) Will practices be rescheduled if cancelled due to weather?
No. Due to limitations on available pool hours we will not reschedule practices cancelled due to weather. Cancellations will be posted on the website, Facebook page and email.

14) Are there other practice options available if we are unable to attend every practice?
At this time we only offer the practice times listed on the calendar due to availability of pool time and space. Members pay the same cost regardless of how many practices attended or when you register.

15) Will the cost be different if we don’t plan to compete at meets?
Meets fees are paid for separately and are not figured into the cost of the Northeastern Swim Team membership. Swimmers may choose to do as many Northeastern Swim Team meets as they want. All swimmers are expected to do meets.

16) Are parents allowed on deck during practice?
No. Parents may watch practice from the stands at the Luther College Aquatic Center or by the tables at the Cresco Fitness Center.

17) What should my swimmer bring to practice?
Swimmers will have access to kickboards and pull buoys. Goggles, caps and paddles are encouraged but not required. A water bottle is strongly encouraged at every practice. We hope to have a fundraiser for other equipment in the future.

18) May I bring food or snacks into the stands when watching practice?
Luther College prohibits the use of food or drink in the competition area. No glass is allowed in the natatorium.

19) Do we need to have a Regents Membership at Luther College or a membership at the Cresco Fitness Center to be a part of the Northeastern Swim Team?
Since we will only be utilizing the pool, swimmers are only required to pay the Northeastern Swim Team membership. The club pays for use of the pool and is figured into our membership rates. If you want to utilize other benefits of these facilities (or pool pass so they can swim outside of scheduled practice times), then you will need to purchase that separately.

20) We’ve heard terms used at practice. What do they mean?
We’ve created a list to help swimmers and parents learn terms commonly used at practices. Knowing these terms will help swimmers understand what they should be doing at practices. You can also find the list of common terms under our Helpful Handouts link at the top (or by clicking HERE)

21) What do we need to do to compete in a meet?
Each swim meet will have a meet sheet that will provide information such as location, date, time, directions, events, cost of events, etc.  Please consult the meet info on our website prior to signing up. It can be accessed through the Northeastern Swim Team website, Meet Schedule tab. This will take you to the Event page where you can select the meet and see a brief description.

Swimmers will confirm their attendance for meets on the Active Parent Portal. Payment for meets will be withdrawn on the date listed on the meet info page. Payment must be received ASAP or risk not being entered into the meet!

A NST swim cap is required for swim meets. If a swimmer chooses not to wear a cap they are not required to buy one.

22) Where can I purchase a team suit and cap?
All equipment is offered at a discount price through our sponsorship with Swim Outlet and TYR. 

For caps: Email [email protected] if you want to purchase caps. Only Silicone caps are available ($12).

23) Do you currently offer a trial period?
We are allowing all new swimmers to try us out for the first week of our Short Course season (September 6, 2017 through September 8, 2017). Swimmers will register and pay the NST Registration fee as well as the USA Membership. New swimmers to the NST will be given the first three days to see how they like swimming with us. If they decide within the first three days that you would like to continue with the Northeastern Swim Club, than the rest of the season will billed as normal (on the first of the month in installment payments). If they decide otherwise, than they will only owe the NST Registration fee, USA Membership and one month's dues but will not be billed further. If they decide after the three day trial period to stop, the season will still be owed in full as our rates are installment plans and not pro-rated based on attendance.

Swimmers or parents who wish to watch a practice before paying may do so during any practice in the Luther Aquatic stands.

24) Do you currently offer refunds?
The Northeastern Swim Team does not offer refunds.

25) Can I achieve a Q-Time at a non-USA or (i.e. park and rec) meet?
No. All Q-times must be achieved at USA sanctioned meets.

26) With the new membership, may I pick and choose which months to pay for?
No. At registration a 6-month auto-debit agreement must be signed. All monthly payments will be automatically debited on the 1st of each month. Once you agree, you will be held accountable for the entire season. No refunds, no exceptions!

27) Do I pay the registration fee for all of my kids?
The Northeastern Swim Team offers families registering more than two swimmers a discount off registration dues. Families with three or more enrolled swimmers will pay $20/month with no NST registration fee for each additional swimmer beyond two. The reduction rate applies to the swimmers with the least expensive dues. The two swimmers in the highest practice group(s) will still owe the full amount. Discounts are not applied to USA membership (required) or meet fees.

28) Do I pay for the entire 6 months at registration? What is owed when registering?
The only money that will be due when registering will be the NST Registration Fee ($135), the $70 for the 2018 USA registration (good Sept. 2017 – Dec. 2018) and the processing fee. Monthly payments will be made the first of each month.

If you wish to pay it all up front and avoid the automatic monthly payments, you may do that instead.

29) Am I able to join a few months into season?
Swimmers should register before the registration deadline. This is to help ensure we have enough coaches on hand and to help promote NST as a team sport. Swimmers who join a few months into season will owe previous months plus their registration fee before being allowed to practice.

30) Why are previous months still owed?
The total amount owed for NST is divided into monthly payments plus a registration fee. Regardless if you swim one month and not another, the total amount is due. In the past we had asked for the total amount up front. Doing it this way allows it to be more affordable for families and also has allowed us to reduce the rate over a 6-month period.

31) What about high school participation with NST?
Swimmers who swim in high school have their own monthly rate. While they are in season, they may attend morning practices with NST school has been cancelled or cannot hold evening practice. High school swimmers, regardless if they swim mornings during high school season or not, will still owe for all six months at the high school rate. Swimmers who join after high school season will owe previous months plus their registration fee before being allowed to practice.

32) Do you offer breaks for other sports?
No. We only offer a reduced rate for those who swim on the high school swim team.

33) Can I register my 12 year old swimmer for the Minis practices?
Any swimmer age 10 & under that is new to USA swimming and is only able to swim a 25 free and/or 25 back without stopping may sign up for the Intro practices. Swimmers who are more advanced or are older than 10 should sign up for Age Group practices. They will be put into the correct training group once practices start. Swimmers advancing from the age group to the junior practices will be asked to advance and pay the new monthly rate.

34) If I achieve a Q-time in Short Course Yards (SCY) does it count towards Long Course Meter (LCM) Championship?
Iowa qualifying times are universal. So if you achieve one in yards or meters, you are able to swim at the other championship meet as well! If you have a qualifying time from short course season but are unable to swim a Q-time in long course meters, you may still compete at the Long Course Championship but will be down-seeded to the slowest heat.

35) If I achieve a 11-12 Q-time but am swimming with the 9-10 group still, does it count?
You are able to achieve qualifying times for higher age groups. Once you achieve that time, you qualify for that race. However, you must compete in your current age group at the time of the championships.