Join, Blaze !

Breonnhia Bailey
      This message is to all that are returning to Blaze, previous Blaze or those considering Blaze! We have updated our website and have some new exciting stuff to share for this new upcoming season! 
    We have switched our season to Short course and long course! So now, swimmers will be billed on a monthly basis or you are welcome to pay upfront for the season. Our Short course season will run from September 8th- February 28th. Our Long course season March 28th-July 29th! 
 The registration process has added a few extra steps. We have a credit card processing fee of 2.95%, added extra 30 mins to each practice to ensure our swimmers are getting the most out of practice, families will be granted 50% taken off the lowest value for 3 or more swimmers, and we will have order sizes requested as we will be more unified at meets. Lastly, we will not have a volunteer requirement, however we do expect that our families show up for our kiddos at swim meets and help bring the energy for their swimmers by volunteering and being involved with the team! 
   Our groups have minor changes, please see below:
  • Age group (previously 2 day- Age Group)
    • Practice Tu/Th 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Sat 10-12 PM   (light dryland)
  • Challenge group (previously 3 day- Age Group)
    • Practice MWF 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Sat 10-12 PM    (light dryland)
  • Select Group
    • Practice M-F 7:00-9 PM; Sat 10-12 PM  (light dryland)
If you are unsure of your group for the upcoming season, I would encourage you to reach out to Emily Tuazon, the head coach [email protected] or come to our tryouts. August 14th at 10am and August 17th at 6:30pm! The sign-up link is here:
  Our upcoming informational meeting where you will learn more about season specifics; meets, communication, uniforms, site navigation, how to become an official/volunteer and more  is scheduled on Sunday August 29th starting at 4pm until 6pm in the Summit Cafeteria. 
All accounts will be inactive on July 29th once this season ends, and all parents will need to reactivate. Please reach out to me if you need assistance with that!
Registration will begin August 15th! We are excited and will see you soon!