USA Swimming is the national governing body for the sport of competitive swimming in the United States. Blaze is a USA Swimming affiliated swim club and all Blaze swimmers, coaches, and officials are required to have valid USA Swimming Memberships.

SWIMS 3.0 is the national database of USA Swimming athletes, coaches, and officials.

Effective September 1, 2022, USA Swimming memberships are no longer administered by local swim clubs. Athletes and non-athletes are required to manage their own USA Swimming memberships. 

Steps to Create a SWIMS 3.0 Account and Register with USA Swimming:

  1. Register with the Johnston Blaze Swim Club
    • After you are registered, your team registrar will share a team-specific link with you
    • The team-specific link allows you to register as connected to our team
    • Please do NOT share this link
    • If you need the team-specific link - please contact the team registrar (Scott Kruthoff)
  2. Create a SWIMS 3.0 Account
    • Use the provided link to start the process
    • You will be creating an account for YOU (parent), not your athlete
    • Follow the steps provided in this help document
  3. Register your athletes as USA Swimming members
    • The help document above includes this process
    • You will have the choice of membership options that best fits your athlete
      • Premium ($82): Traditional year-round athlete registration
      • Flex ($30): 12yrs & under only, eligible to compete in TWO sanctioned competitions 
      • Seasonal ($40): Valid for 150 days from the date of registration
      • Outreach ($5): Must meet financial assistant eligibility criteria

All Blaze swimmers, coaches, and officials are required to have a valid USA Swimming membership.



The single biggest issue people seem to be running into is trying to use your old Member ID when linking your account.

Don't do this, it won't work. Everyone is getting new IDs and these IDS will not use your name or DOB.  You need to use the "Request Member ID" button to request your new ID, and that will be your member ID going forward. 

When it comes time for existing club athletes and non-athletes to renew their registration, they will set up a new account and get new IDs too. Everyone will get new IDs


"After a parent creates their login, they are trying to add family members and they don't know their kid's new ID. How do they find it? When they click the little icon to add family, a box pops up asking them to enter ID, but there is no way for them to search for that new ID."

Here is the answer to three different scenarios:

1. If a family is registering their new or renewing athlete right away, they will be able to get their new ID during the registration process.

2. If the family is not renewing their returning athlete until later in the fall...

They will have to wait until they renew to get the new ID  =OR=

They can request the ID from you, the club registrar. You can locate athlete IDs by looking up the athlete on your club Athlete Roster. If your club is large, you may not want to do this. That's fine. You can offer them the opportunity to renew registration, or you can ask them to wait until later when they do renew.

3. If the family has a kid that has never been registered and won't register until later...

They will not be able to get an ID until the athlete is registered. The new ID does not exist until then.