Competitive Swimming has been an integral part of the YMCA movement both nationally and locally for many years. Competitive Swimming at the Cedar Rapids YMCA can be traced back to its beginnings in the 1940's.

The sport and the teams have undergone many changes and evolutions over the years, but there remains one constant - swimming is a terrific way to deliver the mission of the YMCA.

From skill development to social development and competitive opportunities to volunteer opportunities, swimming is a sport that offers individual and team growth as well as an activity that the entire family can be involved in. The current version of this swim team, the MACR Sharks, is now just one of two local YMCA teams. Competitive programs are offered at all three of the area YMCA's. Just ten years ago the MACR Sharks were the only YMCA swimming team in the metro Cedar Rapids area with around 140 total swimmers participating in winter program and fewer than 40 in the summer program. Now there are two teams with close to 275 total participants enjoying the benefits of America's number one Olympic sport.

As a dual registered USA Swimming and YMCA Swimming Team the MACR Sharks offer year round swimming opportunities for all youth.  Swimmers may participate in YMCA only meets, or a combination of USA and YMCA Swim Meets held throughout the year.  Additional programs include developmental swim team, swimming camps, and competitive stroke clinics. Private swim training is also available with extremely knowledgeable and experienced staff.

If you are interested in participating in a terrific sport both for its physical benefits and unique way of developing important life skills, then swimming is worth your consideration. Swimming with the YMCA provides lessons for a lifetime, both in competitive skill development and the development as whole for your child.  In additional to quality instruction from highly qualified coaches, the MACR Sharks strive to instill teamwork, leadership, sense of belonging and independence in each of our young athletes.  We are proud to partner with you in the role of developing young athletes and outstanding community members.

Enjoy the web site and we look forward to hearing from you soon as part of the MACR Sharks family!

Swimmers can join and start swimming with the Sharks at any time!  We encourage new swimmers to call and set up a free stroke analysis appointment.  Our Head Coach, Donald Pirrie can be reached via email at [email protected] or by telephone (319) 573-9294