The success of any organization depends on the efforts of its members and parents.

Swimmers are expected to:

 - Attend practices regularly

 - Be on time for workouts

 - Listen to the coaches’ suggestions

 - Be a positive member of the team. (Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.)


Parents are expected to assist their children and the team. It is important that a child know his/her parents are interested enough to observe some practices, attend home and away meets whenever possible, and support the fundraisers and home meet efforts.

It takes volunteer help from parents for the Mariners organization to function properly. Parents are expected to take their turn pitching in at the home meets. As such, assignments will be made to divvy up responsibilities at home meets. We will endeavor to assign people to jobs at which they are most comfortable.

Examples of areas that require parent volunteers are:

 - Timers
 - Concession Stand

Each of these duties is easy to learn. It takes 30 to 40 people to run a swim meet, so we ask that parents help as much as possible. Even if you have no idea what a swim meet is all about, pitch in and help anyway. Successful organizations receive volunteer help from a large number of parents so that the volunteer effort is an enjoyable one, and to create a successful program!

Parents should also:

 - Encourage your swimmers by finding something positive about his/her work.

 - Support the coach’s disciplinary expectations and procedures.

 - Make sure your swimmers are at practice on time and ready to swim.

 - Make sure your swimmers are at the meets on time and properly prepared.


Mariners are part of the nationwide swim organization called USA Swimming. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, this group is the rule making body for most amateur competitive swimming in the United States. USA Swimming also provides insurance coverage for the local swim teams and individual swimmers. Part of each swimmer’s dues goes to the organization for this coverage.

As part of USA Swimming, the Mariners Swim Club belongs to a regional subdivision called an LSC (local swim committee). We are part of the Midwestern LSC.  

Locally, Sioux City Mariners is run by Mariners parents. There is a Board of Directors consisting of the swimmers’ parents. If you have questions, you are encouraged to ask Board members.