RCA Practice Groups


Stroke Development

 All  8 and under swimmers and 9 and older first season team members)

These swimmers can swim 25 yards freestyle or backstroke.

Red groups focus on proficiency at freestyle and backstroke while developing legal breaststroke and butterfly strokes.

Turns and starts will also be covered. Swim meet attendance is NOT required.

Choose 2 practices maximum from 4 offered each week  Monday-Thursday

*Required Equipment-One piece bathing suit for girls, jammers or briefs for boys

Goggles, swim cap

Age Group I

This group is for 9 years and older swimmers in at least their 2nd season of swim team. White group works to be proficient in all 4 competitive strokes as well as developing season goals.


Required equipment same as Stroke Development plus+ kickboard, zoomers, paddles (ergo)


Age Group II

11/12 (and 9/10 swimmers that have achieved more than 1 silver Q time in 10U with head coach approval)

Required equipment same as AG1 plus an approved snorkel


Middle school and High School aged swimmers with the commitment to practice at least 3-4  times a week for 2 hours and must be able to complete a test set of 10 x 50 freestyle.



**Required Equipment same as AG2



RCA Membership Fees

Fall/Winter Registration Fees

*All swimmers must be registered members of USA Swimming.

Team Caps and Suits are required – These will be available for purchase the first week of practice.


**Swimmers must be registered for the season before attending their first practice!**

 $100.00 registration fee for all groups. (RCA offers a first week free trial and the registration fee will be fully refunded if swimmer does not continue and notifies coach by email before the next week.)

Registration Fee INCLUDES September dues.

Fall/Winter Group Dues Billing Dates =  October, November, December, January, & February.


~ Monthly Dues (Charged the 1st of the each month all season) ~

 Stroke Development  $55/month.

Age Group I  : $60/month

Age Group II  : $65/month.

Senior  : $75/month. (practices typically 8-10hrs week)

HighSchoolPrep: :$65/week 

Register online at RCASWIMMING.COM


*Each parent must (individually) complete the Safe Sport Training for Swim Parents in order to complete their registration for the team.* Link to the parent training is here:


*Each swimmer (12 years of age and older) must individually complete the Safe Sport Training for Athletes in order to complete their registration for the team.* Link to the athlete training is here:



Tryouts/Questions?: Contact Head-- Coach Liz Hoffman at coachliz.hoffman@gmail.com