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New Swimmer Tryouts


New Swimmer Tryouts:

New swimmer tryouts are designed to allow our coaches to evaluate the current skill level of swimmers that have not been on the team before or swimmers who are returning after an extended absence (a season or more).  These are usually held during open registration before each season, and are free of charge.  During the observation time, our coaches will have the swimmer perform a number of competitive swimming activities in the pool.  After the observation the coach will make a recommendation of the appropriate placement for a one-week trial to ensure the swimmer is placed in the correct group.

Please Note:  When you get to the point in the signup where you have your swimmer added to the cart, you will need to click on the “Pay By Credit Card” button to complete the signup.  However, you WILL NOT be asked to enter any credit card information.  The observation is completely free of charge.  This is simply an unfortunate system limitation that displays that message.

Pre-Swim Club Program:

The Pre-Swim Club Program is designed for swimmers who may not be ready to join the Rams Swim Club. You can remain in the program as many sessions as you would like, until the coaches sign off on readiness to join the competitive portion of the club. Your credit card will be charged for each session of lessons that you are in the program, until you either join the Rams Swim Club or you decide that you are no longer interested in the Lessons. We cannot guarantee how many lessons/sessions it will take until your child is ready to join the team.

Our lessons are geared towards what is needed to join the Rams Swim Club with the intentions of eventually joining the Rams Swim Club. To make the most progress, our Swim Club Coaches suggest that you make it a priority to attend all lessons. Missed lessons will not be made up. In the event a lesson is cancelled due to an Rams Swim Club issue (ie. coach availablity, weather cancellation...) the lesson will be rescheduled with your lesson instrustor. If you discontinue the lessons, and you decide later you want to re-enroll, we cannot guarantee that there will be space available at that time. If you have questions you can email ramsswimmingia@gmail.com to get your questions answered.

The registration process is simple for both new and returning families. You'll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current and past class histories.

Private Lessons Program:

For current club members only. One on one private lessons with our Senior Coaching staff.

Stroke Clinics:

For current club members only.  More information regarding the fall/winter season clinic is coming soon!