Click here for full SEA Return to Swim Plan

Click here for full SEA Return to Competition Plan (7/3/2020)

SEA Hold Harmless Waiver

SEA Liability Release and Indemnification Form

City of Pella Release, Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability

Rules for return to swim:

  • Have Fun

  • Be patient

  • Don’t go too hard at the beginning (walk, jog, run)

  • No spitting

  • No touching each other intentionally (including high fives)

  • Stay 6 feet apart whenever possible

  • Do NOT come to practice if you have had a fever or do not feel 100%

  • Practices are always optional and there is not penalty for missing practice. 


Protocol for if someone on the team or in one of the athlete’s families becomes ill. 

  • If a swimmer contracts the virus the Pella Aquatic Center and the SEA membership within the immediate vicinity of that swimmer’s workout space will be notified of who that swimmer was in contact with in their lanes.



  • Athletes will not be able to enter the pool until their exact time or everyone is off the deck at the previous time, whichever comes last. 

  • Athletes will be asked to leave promptly after practice and are asked to not congregate after practice and maintain a 6 foot social distance while getting to vehicles.

  • Athletes waiting for dryland to begin will remain in the upper lot until asked to come down for their practice time.  

  • Arrive as close to your start time as possible to ensure you do not have to stand outside the pool 

  • Athletes waiting for their pool practice time to begin will have to wait outside and maintain a 6 foot social distance from others. 

  • Parents may not accompany their athlete into the pool. 

  • When swimmers are in passing times, kids are expected to maintain 6-foot social distancing expectations and if they are purposely violating this protocol, they will not be welcome back the remainder of the week.  If it remains a problem SEA will take further actions to solve the problem.

  • Coaches will wear masks while coaching in any indoor facility when they are within 6 feet of athletes, but parents need to understand that if coaches may need to drop their mask to give verbal directions it will be done at a safe distance from other athletes.

  • Coaches are not required to wear masks at outdoor practices unless they are within 6 feet of athletes and they will never to be worn on support vessels during open water swims.

  • Parents that choose to remain at the pool are not permitted in the pool area to help us keep the facility pool capacity numbers down. If a parent needs to get their child out of practice during a practice, they will have to communicate with the pool staff to have them come on deck to get the athlete. 

  • Coaches do not want to have to yell or discipline swimmers.  Coaches will give clear directions and warnings once and if there is a continued issue a swimmer will be asked to leave.  Our coaches do not want to have to yell to project to stop or prevent situations so please advise your swimmers to follow directions the first time.

  • Avoid touching gates, fences, benches, doors, etc. if you can. 


Locker rooms:

  • Athletes are to come to practice in their suits, bringing in the minimum amount of items as possible. A single bag to keep dry items in can be used and stored on the pool deck. 

  • We will only allow the use of locker rooms if the family locker room is not being used as a restroom only. 

  • We will not be utilizing the locker rooms at all this season except for restrooms on a need basis. 



  • Kick boards can be borrowed from the pool, coaches will have to clean these at the end of each practice. 

  • Pull buoys, paddles, fins will not be able to be borrowed from the pool. Those items needed can either be purchased by the families to use during practice or alterations will be made for athletes who do not have equipment. 

  • An equipment back can be brought to practice with all the items used during practice, this bag should be able to get wet. (this would be separate from their swim bag with their dry towel/clothes in it. 


Health and Wellness Checks of Athletes

  • Parents are expected and requested to monitor the wellness of their swimmer before they come to workouts.  If at any point your athlete expresses that they do not feel well we request that you keep your swimmer home for that day or following days workouts until they express they either feel better or have taken a test for the virus.  

    • If your swimmer decides to stay home because they do not feel well coaches do appreciate notice at some point that day through email.

  • Athletes that express to a coach or a coach suspects they are not feeling well will be sent home. 

  • If an athlete has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days they must self-isolate until it has been 14 days past their contact date or a physicians release. 

  • Any of these are considered symptoms: mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough and difficulty breathing or other symptoms identified by the CDC.

  • If an athlete/coach sneeze or cough they need to do so into a tissue or their arm area. 

  • Athletes/Coaches who begin to cough/sneeze for any reason, must move away from others until coughing/sneezing dissipates. 

  • Athletes must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19. 


The first practice the USA swimming waivers must be turned in. We will also go over expectations and rules. We will also go over expectations and rules. 


Other considerations and communication to share from USA Swimming:

  • Risk factors for consideration to participate include autoimmune disease, diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease, etc. 

  • Safety precautions must remain in place in accordance with state requirements relative to availability of vaccinations or effective treatment for the coronavirus

  • A vulnerable individual is a person with underlying conditions or considered to be at a higher risk demographic as outlined by jurisdictional, state or federal guidelines.