The success of the SEA swim club is largely due to the support of our parent and family volunteers. We need parent support in every aspect of this organization for that success to continue.  Our volunteers play an important role from people serving on the Board, to chairing committees, to fundraiser volunteering.
In order to keep our program costs low, we need volunteers to help run the SEA swim program.   Without everyone’s help we simply couldn’t function as a club.  If the club must hire people for tasks our families can do, our swimmer dues will increase substantially.  Therefore, we have a volunteer requirement that each family must satisfy.
At times there may be scholarship funds available to help lower swimmer dues.  If funds are available, a credit will only be given once the service hours have been completed and the family account is kept current.  Family account payments must be made monthly paying the minimum amount due. 
SEA Volunteer Requirements :
There are two seasons.  The Short Course Season is September – March.  The Long Course Season is April – July.  For each season a family has a swimmer in the water practicing with and/or competing for SEA for more than one month, families must provide volunteer hours by serving capacities as needed by SEA.  Fines are assessed at $15.00 per hour for non-compliance.  The following are requirements for the 2019-2020 Season:
·         Volunteer Requirement for Short Course Season:  Families must provide a volunteer for 5 hours.
·         Volunteer Requirement for Short Course Season-High School Swimmer only:  Families must provide 4 hours.
·         Volunteer Requirement for Long Course Season:  Families must provide a volunteer for 5 hours.
For example, for short course, a family may meet the requirement by providing one volunteer for 5 hours or by providing two volunteers for 3 hours each, etc.  This may be done at one meet, multiple meets, or at other volunteer opportunities in the same season.  The volunteer requirements start over at the beginning of each season.
At meets, unless excused by the meet director, the volunteer must remain during the entire length of the volunteer slot s/he is working, regardless of when their own swimmers’ races are completed.  For non-meet events, unless excused by the head of committee, the volunteer must remain during the entire length of the volunteer slot s/he is working.
A reminder, SEA may need to provide timers at Regional and Championship meets.  If all families attending the meet have met their volunteer requirement and no one steps up to time, the fee billed to the club will be divided among the families at the sessions their athletes are swimming.
If, at the end of the season, a family has not fulfilled their requirement they will be charged $15 for each hour for which they did not provide a volunteer.  For example, for short course, if a family provided 4 volunteer hours, $30 will be charged to their account for the 2 hours they did not provide a volunteer.
There are four exceptions to this requirement:  1) Officials may satisfy their volunteer requirement by officiating at meets, 2) Coaches are exempt, 3) People who have chosen to opt out and pay a volunteer fee are exempt, and 4) If a family has met their goal for sponsorship dollars raised and raises additional dollars to cover their volunteer requirement fee.  For example, a family raises their $250 goal plus an additional $90, they will not be charged for volunteer hours not met.
Note:  High school swimmers will have a reduced number of required volunteer hours.  Instead of 5 hours, families with  only high school swimmers will have a 4 hour requirement.  As the hours are reduced, the rate to opt out is also reduced.  Instead of $75 to opt out of 5 hours, it will be $60 to opt out of 4 hours.
Volunteers  are encouraged to sign up online prior to the event!  Event registration will be available online for SEA volunteer opportunities and communicated to the team.  Volunteer hours should be tracked by families and sent to the Vice President to be recorded.
Potential to earn additional scholarship dollars – If a family has exceeded 16 hours of volunteer time, there may be the potential for the family to earn $15 per hour that exceeds 16.  Maximum of four additional hours can be earned.  For example, if a family has volunteered 22 hours, the family may receive a credit of $60, receiving credit for 4 additional hours of service.  If a family has volunteered 18 hours, the family may receive a credit of $30.  Note: Additional dollars may only be available if the budget allows.  This option is not available for any family who chooses to opt out and pay their volunteer fee.
Volunteer opportunities for Fall and Winter Season (not limited to):
Volunteering for the Sponsorship drive
Chair and organize the Sponsorship drive
Organize shirt sales/orders
Participating in fundraisers
Donating items to fundraisers
Timers for Regional and State Swim Meets
Officiating at Regionals and State Meets
Spring and Summer Volunteer Opportunities (not limited to):
Hosting SEA garage sale
Donating to SEA garage sale 

Organizing a Can Drive
Participating in fundraisers
Timer at Regional and State Meets
Officiating at Regional and State Meets
Other Volunteer Opportunities (not limited to):
Organize family folders, distribute awards
Website maintenance
Other tasks delegated by team coach
Serve on the finance committee or any other committees deemed necessary
Join the SEA Board of Directors