Our Mission:

To promote swimming as a lifelong sport while offering a competitive and instructive program that encourages swimmers of all abilities. South East Aquatics will stress the importance of physical fitness and promote excellence at all levels while helping athletes grow into productive members of society. South East Aquatics will strive to develop healthy self-esteems, hard work ethics and teach the importance of respect for all athletes, coaches and members of our community.


Are there fees in addition to the programming cost below?  Yes.  The cost below pays for your programming fees (coach's pay, pool rental, practices, etc).  If you choose to sign up to compete at USA meets, a fee will be assessed per meet.  Meet fees vary from meet to meet. When you sign up for a meet, these fees will be billed directly to your account.

My swimmer did not participate in the winter season.  Is there a cost to be a member of USA Swimming?  Yes.  All SEA swimmers are required to be a member of USA Swimming.  This $40 fee will be billed directly to your account.  If your swimmers participated with SEA during the winter months, this fee has already been paid.

How can I make payments?  We are now able to accept credit card!  You will be asked to connect your credit card to your account during registration.  When paying by card, a $.30 fee and 2.95% processing fee per transaction will be added to your account.  You may also pay by ACH -direct payments from your bank.  ACH may not be used for initial registration purposes, but may be used for monthly billing thereafter.  A flat $1.25 processing fee will be charged per transaction.

Can I pay all my fees up front?  Yes, families are welcome to pay their total fees at the beginning of the season.  If you choose to pay registration fees in full at the beginning of the season, only one transaction/processing fee will be assessed.  A reminder: Meet fees will be billed to your account as they happen, so you may have additional payments to make through the season.

Our family is new to swimming.  What do we need to know?  Welcome to SEA!  We are so excited that you are here.  All new families will receive a New Parent Handbook with a wealth of information about swimming in it.  


Practice Group Age/Ability Total Cost Cost per Month


8&Under $160 $54


9&Over $160 $54


11&Over $240 $80


HS $450 $150


Rec $55 $20