Practice Group Age/Ability Total Cost Cost per Month



High School $270 $110


9-14 $270 $110

Club Swimmers

HS Boys

High School $372.50 $125


High School $512 $130


11&Over $512 $130


9-10 $475 $120


8&Under $354 $90


All Ages $240 24 Practices

Recreational Swimmers






$160 $40


Our family is new to swimming.  What do we need to know?  Welcome to SEA!  We are so excited that you are here.  All new families will receive a New Parent Handbook with a wealth of information about swimming in it.

What is the difference between Competition Swimmers and Developmental Swimmers?  Competition Swimmers have more individualized and challenging practices.  They are also offered more practice hours in the pool per season.

Does my swimmer need to meet certain requirements to sign up to be a Competition Swimmer?  No.  If you feel your swimmer is ready, they are welcome at the club level.  If you are are unsure, please talk to the coach.

Are there fees in addition to the programming cost below?  Yes.  The cost below pays for your programming fees (coach's pay, pool rental, practices, etc).  If you choose to sign up to compete at meets, a fee will be assessed per meet.  Meet fees vary from meet to meet. When you sign up for a meet, these fees will be billed directly to your account. Swimmers are no longer required to have a pool pass.

Is there a cost to be a member of USA Swimming?  Yes.  All SEA swimmers are required to be a member of USA Swimming.  This $80 fee will be billed directly to your account.  Your swimmer's USA Membership will be current for both the Winter 21-22 and Summer 22 seasons.  If your swimmer does not swim with us during the Winter 21-22 season, your account will be charged a $40 USA Swimming Registration Fee.

How can I make payments?  We accept credit card!  You will be asked to connect your credit card to your account during registration.  When paying by card, a $.30 fee and 2.95% processing fee per transaction will be added to your account.  

Can I pay all my fees up front?  Yes, families are welcome to pay their total fees at the beginning of the season.  If you choose to pay registration fees in full at the beginning of the season, only one transaction/processing fee will be assessed.  A reminder: Meet fees will be billed to your account as they happen, so you may have additional payments to make through the season.