Competition Level Swimmers
High School Boys High School For HS Boys swimming with their high school team.


High School

Fourteen and over swimmers.  Must have entered high school in the fall of 2021. These swimmers have or are working towards state times. 



Twelve through fourteen year old swimmers with proficiency in all four strokes and working towards state qualifying times.  This group includes current eighth graders.



Nine to twelve year old swimmers working on improving technique and mastering each stroke.  We work on a good base to begin training.

Bronze 8&Under

All eight and under swimmers new to the sport with proficiency in all four strokes.

Developmental Level Swimmers
Black 13&Over

13 & Over Swimmers (Middle School and High School)


11&Over 11 & over swimmers.  Swimmers will be grouped in lanes by age/swimming abililty.
Gray 10&Under

10 & under Swimmers, 11 & 12 year old swimmers new to the sport.


10&Under  All 8 & under and New 10 & Under Swimmers new to the sport.  Must be able to swim across the pool on front and back without stopping.
Participant Level Swimmers
Participant All Ages For those in another competitive sport or needing flexible practices. Must have 2 years swim team experience and be proficient in all four strokes. (24 practices total)

*Coaching staff has final decision as to which practice group your swimmer will be in.  If your swimmer is moved to a different practice group, you will be alerted via email.