A Letter from Head Coach Scott - May 2019

Sarah Lolli

Note from the Coach;

As the month of May quickly comes to an end and the first holiday weekend fast approaches, I wanted to take the time to let everyone know how things are going for our first summer season together.

We started the summer season back in April and we are now at week 9 in our season. From a coaching stand point I think we are improving by leaps and bounds. The swimmers are starting to understand and embrace the new training. I can see improved results not only from the times that were achieved this past weekend at the May Mayhem swim meet we hosted, but buy their attitudes and work ethic in practice. The swimmers are starting to understand what I mean by Hard & Fast and what it means to give their Best Effort every time they swim. This is not an easy concept for young athletes to embrace but they are starting to understand and after seeing HUGE time drops in almost all the swims this past weekend, I think they will fully embrace the philosophy.

Keeping on the subject of training and practices, swimming is a total conditioning sport. It is imperative that each swimmer come to as many practices as possible. With that said, I understand that other things come up in everyone’s day to day lives. I understand about end of the year school events and summer vacations with the family. If your swimmer needs to miss practice, please make sure they miss as few as possible. There is an old adage in swimming, every day you miss takes two to make it up. If you do need to miss practices for an extended period of time (a week or at the most 2 weeks), please get with me so I can give you some dry land workouts that swimmers can do to stay in shape. If you are going on a vacation to a certain destination, let me know as well. Almost all swim teams allow visiting USA swimmers to participate in practices and usually at no charge. Get with me and I can help find a club and reach out to the coach prior to the vacation. At the least, I can write some workouts and you can take your swimmers to a local YMCA or local pool and get some training in.

As the team continues to build in numbers, I want to remind everyone or maybe introduce to some, the Quad City Swim Academy. The QC Swim Academy is the Orcas very own swim lesson program. It is run by myself and 6 in-water instructors. It is the Best learn-to-swim program in the Quad Cities and is open to everyone. We have 20 plus young swimmers in the program now and each week I get at least 2 or 3 emails or phone calls about the program. We will see the first few swimmers reach level 5 very soon and they will be eligible for the Beluga group of the team. If you know of anyone interested in a learn-to-swim program, PLEASE direct them my way or to one of the board members for more information. With the QC Swim Academy, you don’t have to worry about waiting for classes to finish and start again, the academy is a session based program and they can start anytime.

I want to take the time to talk a little bit about swim meets. Swim meets are what the swimmers train for. Just like Little League or Soccer, athletes practice to play in a game. For swimmers, a swim meet is our game. The Quad Cities is a very luck place for swim meets. Within a 25 mile radius of Rock Island there are 6 other programs and each of them host a meet at least once a year and many of them host a meet each season, summer and winter. I strongly encourage you to sign your swimmer up for a least 2 meets each season. The meets are fun and gives the swimmers something to look forward to and something to train for. Nobody likes to practice all the time and never get a chance to show what they have worked hard to achieve. If you are new and have never been to a swim meet, don’t worry. There are plenty of seasoned swim parents that will show you the ropes. The board does an excellent job of sending out emails for meet sign ups. If you don’t know what events to sign your swimmer up for, just ask one of the coaches and we will be glad to help.

We had a lot of Great swims at our meet this past weekend. We had a lot of lifetime bests, a few regional qualifying times and ONE Age Group State qualifying time by Peyton Lolli. Peyton swam a state qualifying time in the 500 freestyle in the last event of the day. Great Job Peyton.

Let’s have a great summer. The next meet is this weekend over at East Moline. The East Moline club always puts on a fantastic meet. I expect to continue with the fast swims.

I will see you on deck.

Coach Scott