Rock Island County Orcas recommends downloading the following apps to stay better connected to the team and swimming in general.
  • OnDeck - connects directly to the team website to help manage your account
  • Meet Mobile - get real time meet results your swimmer and team are competing in
  • Facebook - stay connected with the team's Facebook page
  • Twitter - stay connected with the team's Twitter page


OnDeck: Revolutionary Mobile Power

OnDeck Parent connects to your swim team’s website.  Thousands of swim parents around the globe are experiencing new-found knowledge at swim meets, tracking attendance, viewing their child’s best times and comparing them to local and national time standards, viewing news to your team's web site and viewing and signing up for jobs and all events on the team site.

Empowering Parents to Easily Know More

Today, parents run around swim meets with limited or no information about what events their child is going to swim, they best times and how they are progressing to time standards. Add to all of this, the easing for parents to participate in the jobs sign-up process with OnDeck and without being in-front of a computer is a game changer for team administrators and parents.

OnDeck Parent Quick Start Guide

OnDeck page at Team Unify

Orca Team Alias to enter in the app - iasst


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USA Swimming's Deck Pass

USA Swimming Deck Pass page - LINK

Go to  and signup for a MyDeckPass account.  Follow the prompts to link your swimmers USA Swimming Membership to the account.

  • Earn digital patches for competing -- automatically! 
  • Check your verified IMX scores, best times, recent meets and rankings.
  • Connect with your friends.


Swimmers – connect and share with Deck Pass. Create an account  right here on and link it to your usaswimming membership. 

With Deck Pass for USA Swimming members, you can:

  • Connect with your teammates and coaches who are also using Deck Pass. If you’re over 13, you can also connect with your Facebook friends so you can share your achievements in the pool with friends and family. 
  • Earn digital patches for all your accomplishments in the pool. All your times from USA Swimming meets are automatically collected and updated in the Deck Pass database, so you don’t need to do a thing. Just swim and watch the patches roll in. 
  • Track your best times in every event. Again, all your times are automatically updated in the Deck Pass database.
  • Set goals for the season and track your progress toward these goals. 
  • Check your IMX score to find out where you rank on your club, in your LSC, in your zone and nationally.
  • Keep track of your times at your most recent meets. 
  • Follow your friends’ activity on Deck Pass through your News Feed.



USA Swimming’s official mobile application, Deck Pass, has teamed up with TrueSport in an effort to educate youth swimmers on how to win the right way This partnership is designed to help Deck Pass users succeed both in and out of the water.  

Here’s how it works. The more than 200,000 Deck Pass members can earn the TrueSport patches by completing a variety of activities, both online and at events. Activities are joined by a video from four-time Olympic medalist Peter Vanderkaay and are designed to help Deck Pass members learn the three TrueSport Pillars: Clean Competition, Sportsmanship and Peak Performance.  Look for the TrueSport activities under the Perks tab in Deck Pass.

Deck Pass Mobile Icon

Download the FREE Deck Pass mobile application for iPhones here!

Download the FREE Deck Pass mobile application for Androids here!


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Meet Mobile
From intimate local meets to large national qualifying meets, Meet Mobile provides flexibility and convenience. Answer those common heat sheet and results questions before they’re asked. Let people get the information in real-time, when they need it, wherever they are.
Changing the way swim meets are experienced:
Swimmers can check heat sheets and event timelines from anywhere to make sure they’re at the starting block on time.
Fans can flag and track their favorite swimmers in real time, without needing to be at the meet.
Coaches can flag their swimmers and/or teams as favorites and then easily drill down into heat and lane assignments.
Meet hosts can quickly and efficiently keep people up to date on important meet info, all without a single sheet of paper. (No more photocopying!)

Available on the App Store Android App on Google Play