Rock Island County ORCA Swim Club

2019 Spring/Summer (March 35, 2019 – July 12, 2019)

Championship Season (July 13, 2019-July 28, 2019) for qualifying swimmers


Fees Due at Registration

Group Fees for session          Every four weeks cost OR Full Session Cost (an approximately 5% discount)

Description of Groups are found on Page 2

Beluga (16 weeks)                  Monthly payment of $65 or $247 session cost

Bronze (16 weeks)                  Monthly payment of $80 or $304 session cost

Silver (16 weeks)                    Monthly payment of $90 or $342 session cost

Gold (16 weeks)                      Monthly payment of $100 or $380 session cost

We will pro-rate if a swimmer starts mid-month. Also, if a swimmer moves up or down from a group, the new monthly charge will take effect the following month and will be charged or reimbursed accordingly.

USA Swimming Registration Fee    $77 annual fee (December-December)

This fee is passed along at cost from USA Swimming. Ask us about USA Swimming/ISI discount for economically disadvantaged families.

Trial Period

Each new swimmer is allowed a one-week trial period. If you decide to discontinue the Swim Club, you must notify your swimmer’s coach and the Treasurer, Sarah Lolli at [email protected], by the end of the trial period to receive a full refund of registration costs.  Notifications should be made in writing.

Economically Disadvantaged Family Program

It is the intent of the Club not to turn away any youth due to economic circumstances. As such, we have an economically disadvantaged swimmer program based on whether your family is eligible for TANF/public assistance funds. Please contact the Treasurer regarding this program. Documentation is required. Fundraising and/or volunteer work will be necessary to help off-set some costs.

Available Discounts

Multi-Swimmer – Swimmer #3 and additional swimmers (3rd highest level swimmer) will receive 50% reduction in fees from the schedule above.

Rock Island High School Swim Team Member – If the swimmer was on the ending swim roster for the RIHS 2018/2019 Boys or Girls Swim Team a discount of 25% will be given for that swimmer’s monthly or session fees.

Swim Meet Entry Fees

There are three components to the Entry Fee for swim meets. The host club charges a “per event” fee, which is usually $3.00-$8.00 per swim event. USA Swimming charges a participation fee, which is usually $2.00-$3.00 per swimmer. ORCA charges a coaching fee, which is $10 per swimmer for meets within 50 miles of RI or $20 per swimmer for meets farther than 50 miles to cover expanded coaching coverage during meets and to help with coaching travel costs. The average cost for a swim meet is $35.00. If you sign-up for a meet and DO NOT participate YOU WILL still be charged for the meet fees and are required to make payment. This is because the club still has to pay the hosted club fees for the events that you signed up for regardless of if your swimmer swims the events or not. Swim meet fees may be due in advance. Additionally, the swimmer may not be able to register for swim meets if there is a past due balance on his/her account until the account is current.