Training Groups

Coaches reserve the right for final placement of all swimmers and will continually assess swimmers for proper group placment throughout the season. There are additional factors that are important to our swimmers' development such as age, maturity, technique, swim times, attendance, social & physical development, and commitment. If you have any questions about any of the groups, please contact our coach at [email protected]


Beluga Group

The goal of this group is to learn the fundamentals of swimming including; balancing, streamlines, flutter and dolphin kick. This group prepares new swimmers for competitive swimming workouts and the fundamentals of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Bronze Group

The goal of this group is to develop all four competitive strokes legally and to build endurance in all the strokes. These swimmers shall be swimming in competitive swim meets throughout the season. The coaching staff will explain USA Swimming Time Standards and help the swimmers set goals of achieving ‘B’, ‘BB’ and ‘A’ times.

Silver Group

The goal of this group is to build endurance in all the strokes and to begin to understand the concepts of training, nutrition, and competition. These swimmers shall have goals of achieving ‘A’ times in all four strokes and IM. Additionally, these swimmers will be recognized for achieving ‘AA’, ‘AAA’ and ‘AAAA’ times. Ultimately, they will qualify for their first championship meet. Swimmers must have achieved at least 2 ‘BB’ times to qualify for this group.

Gold Group

The goal of this group is to train swimmers in preparation to compete at the highest levels of age group swimming competition, Regionals, State, Zones and Junior Nationals. The swimmers in this group should be highly competitive in their best strokes within their respective age groups. Training in the Gold group will include ‘tapering’ for the championship meets at the end of the season. These swimmers should be focusing on qualifying for Regional’s in multiple events and competing at the Illinois State Championships. To qualify for this group, swimmers will have competed in at least 1 event at the regional level or achieved at least 2 ‘A’ times.