Rock Island County Orca Swim Club

Swimmer Of The Week

Name: Natalie Halpin

Age: 7

School: Eugene Field

Grade: 2nd

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite swimming event: anything breaststroke

Why do I like swimming: I like learning new strokes and going to meets

Favorite movie: Descendants

Favorite song:  Rotten to the Core

When I am not swimming I like to: read, play games

Parents names: Mike and MaryAnn

Siblings names: Will

Pets: 1 dog, Heidi


Swimmer Of The Week
Name: Nathan Anderson

Swimmer Of The Week

Name: Alexzander Lopez

Swimmer Of The Week

Name: Noah McMeekan

Swimmer Of The Week


Name: Antonio Aguilar

Age: 10

School: Eugene Field

Grade: 5th

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite swimming event: 50 Breast

Why do I like swimming: Because you get to learn strokes, it's fun and makes me feel good.

Favorite movie: Madagascar

Favorite song:  Dream Of Something Sweet by K-391

When I am not swimming I like to: Play video games.

Parents names: Cristina Vasquez

Siblings names: 

Pets: No pets


Swimmer Of The Week


Name: Gracelynn Veys

Age: 11

School: Jordan Catholic

Grade: 6th

Favorite subject in school: Literature

Favorite swimming event: 50 Fly

Why do I like swimming: Because I have been in the water so long it is now my habitat.

Favorite movie: Threat Level Midnight

Favorite song:  Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon - Queen

When I am not swimming I like to: Eat Chick-Fil-A

Parents names: Randy Veys

Siblings names: none

Pets: Guinea Pig - Cuddles


Swimmer Of The Week

Name: Peyton Lolli 

Age: 9

School: Eugene Field

Grade: 4th

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite swimming event: 400 meter freestyle

Why do I like swimming: It helps me calm down, it's fun and good excercise.

Favorite movie: Beauty And The Beast

Favorite song:  Señorita - 
Song by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes and Shadow
Song by Macklemore featuring IRO

When I am not swimming I like to: Watch tv, help my parents cook and have sleepovers with my friends.

Parents names: Eugenio and Sarah Lolli

Siblings names: Derrick and Xavier

Pets: Dogs - Chase & Denali, Cats - Turing & Nala - Fish