Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Who are the coaches on deck?

You can read the bios for each coach on the IFLY coaching staff on our website. We have a staff of professional, experienced coaches who love what they do. They are all certified through USA Swimming and are required to maintain up-to-date CCPR, Coaches Safety, First Aid, and other certifications.


  • Should my child only swim in meets on the IFLY calendar?

We prefer it, yes. Occasionally a swimmer or swimmers may travel great distances to a specific national level meet that only applies to a small group of athletes. Otherwise, we aim to compete together as often as possible. Our coaches are professionaly certified and highly invested in the physical, mental, and emotional development of your children. As such, we want to be there on deck to help guide your children, answer questions they may have, and give them feedback related to their performances at meets. When swimmers attend meets alone, the sport can be daunting and parents are left to fend for themselves. 

Our coaches aim to provide a meet schedule and structure that promotes healthy growth, builds confidence, and allows for optimal coaching & feedback. If we can add a meet to our schedule that provides a benefit to the team, please reach out to us so we can discuss the merits of the event. 

  • How does the meet sign up process work if my child says they want to race?

1. Check the Meet Events page on our team website. 

2. Determine which sessions you can/want to attend and "Commit" to the event.

3. Your child's Lead Group Coach will select the proper and appropriate events for that meet. Event selection is an important part of proper development, injury prevention, confidence building, and success. We ask IFLY parents to trust the professional coaching staff to select events, though we are always happy to discuss additional events, edits, or to explain why specific events were chosen. Coaches will always be able to explain the 'why' behind a decision.

4. Double check the entries and selected sessions before the final day commitments are due (listed on the website). Once the commitment period ends, coaches will send out final entry lists for each group. It is vital you let us know if there are concerns or adjustments. Once swimmers are entered, refunds will not be made for individual meet entries. 

5. Check the website in the weeks and days leading up to the meet for detailed team information (arrival times, t-shirt colors, psych sheets, etc). 

6. Arrive at the racing site according to the posted team itinerary and check in with a coach.

7. Sit back and enjoy the racing!


Club Participation/Roles 

  • Can I join any time?

Club swimming is a year-round sport. We have different seasons (we typically race in a 25 yard pool, a.k.a short course, from August to March; and in a 50 meter pool, a.k.a. long course, from April to August), but registration generally occurs year round. We do ask swimmers new to the sport, or fresh out of swimming lessons, to complete tryouts before joining.

  • Some of my friends with kids on IFLY are Iowa Swimming Officials. They get to go on deck at meets, see their kids race up close, and are engaged in the swim meets. How can I sign up to be an official?

Attend a Clinic by a certified clinic instructor (CCI) in person or attend a virtual clinic:

Registration is done by clicking the links on the date you prefer. Click HERE to be taken to the ISI Officials home page
Zoom Stroke & Turn Clinics offered at 7:00 p.m. -8:30 p.m. on:
September 27th
November 29th
January 10th
Please contact Kirstin Oppel if your club would like an additional session for any particular position.
2. Fill out the apprentice form for a free 60 day USAS membership HERE.
3. Open a free account on and generate a stroke & turn/timer test and complete it with no less than a score of 80%. It’s recommended to complete this test prior to the clinic or shortly after.
4. Apprentice on deck by signing in 1 hour prior to the start of a session. Attend the briefing, bring your apprentice form, and be assigned with a certified official mentor.
5. Within 60 days of your first apprentice session on deck, complete your USAS membership and submit to a level 2 background check and complete the free athlete protection training seminar online.
  • What is the Parent Advisory Committee and what do they do?

Information on the Parent Advisory Committee can be found by following this link.


  • What if my child is involved in more than one sport? Is club swimming still an option?

We actively encourage multi-sport athletes, especially at a younger age. The exposure to multiple sports allows for growth, physical development, exposure to multiple coaching styles, and well-rounded student-athletes. As swimmers grow to embrace the IFLY team culture, we hope they develop a greater sense of intrinsic motivation related to swimming. That intrinsic motivation to succeed, paired with physical development in high school, often lead our competitive swimmers to dedicate their time more exclusively to swimming. However, we offer tracks and groups for student-athletes with a variety of competitive goals and schedules. Communication with IFLY coaches is important as you navigate which sports to participate in and when.


  • Do the boys need to wear "Speedos" (briefs)?

No. Older male swimmers typically wear briefs, but some opt for the longer, knee length tight shorts called Jammers. It is largely a comfort preference. We encourage a black suit, a black and yellow suit, or a suit with an IFLY team logo.