Iowa Flyers Swim Club


Practice days: Monday through Saturday 
Practice Objectives: The suggested age for this group is 14 years old and younger, who are working on their advanced swimming skills and endurance. Swimmers focus on building endurance and efficiency in all 4 strokes as well as improving race skills. Swim meets are required as a means to help swimmers set improvement goals as well as a fun way to participate in the sport. Please refer to the Team Calendar on our main page for practice times and locations.
Advancement:  In addition to the coach's discretion, swimmers must display proper technique and endurance in all 4 strokes.  It is expected that swimmers participate in numerous sanctioned meets in each season.  
Team Calendars  - On the lefthand side, change "All Roster Groups" to Junior
Equipment Required:
IFLY team cap at practice during the week. Saturdays are reserved for caps of the athletes' choice.  
Well-fitting suit (such as jammers for boys and 1-piece for girls), cap, goggles, fins,  snorkel, paddles, nose plug, and mesh bag  
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General Public Dues: $100.00/month
Rec. Services Member Dues (10% discount): $90.00/month