Iowa Flyers Swim Club


Practice days:
Monday- AM & PM- Paper practice only
Tuesday- AM
Wednesday- PM, paper practice only
Thursday- AM
Friday- AM
Saturday- AM
Please refer to the Team Calendar on our main page for practice times and locations.
Practice Objectives: Open to swimmers age 18 and older of all ability levels who wish to continue their swimming in a manner that leads them toward their own personal goals. Swimmers may compete as desired in local and regional meets and practices will be focused on proper stroke technique and race endurance. Attendance is based on each athlete's schedule. 
Team Calendars  - On the lefthand side, change "All Roster Groups" to Masters

Equipment required: 
None. Boards, pullbuoys, and fins are available at the CRWC to borrow for each practice.
IFLY team caps are encouraged! We love it when Masters swimmers have pride in their team!

General Public Dues: $55.00/month
Rec. Services Member Dues (10% discount): $49.50/month
Registration Packet for IFLY Coaching Staff: Click Here
ALL Masters swimmers need to be registered with USMS:
Link can be found here
Fall 2022 Training
Click the links below to see the practice plan for the week. Follow along even when you're out of town or practicing at lunch.
Training Block #1
Training Block #2
Training Block #3
Some Frequently Asked Questions Specific to Masters:

1. Why swim with IFLY?
Swimming is a great exercise. Our programs and pools are available year-round. We offer fun, organized, and professionally coached practices with stroke instruction.

2. I can’t swim all the strokes/ I'm not a very fast swimmer / I am not sure I can finish the workout. How good do I have to be?
IFLY welcomes swimmers of all abilities from nationally ranked to novice. If you can swim several lengths, our coaching staff will help you improve your skills and endurance. You don’t have to know all four strokes.; our workouts are adjusted to take your ability level into account.

3. What if I’m to slow for the others in a lane?
We let the swimmers pick the lane they wish to train in. The lanes are generally organized by ability, goals, and training speeds.

4. What is the membership of IFLY like?
It ranges in age from 20 to 60+ year olds. Some swim for fitness, others train to compete at Masters meets, open water events, and/or triathlons.

5. What are the workouts like?
Don’t worry if you can’t stay the whole time or initially can’t finish the workout. The coach gives the sets, which vary by distance/interval per lane. The more advanced lanes generally swim up to 5,000 yards or may be as short as about 2,500 yards. We work on drills to improve your strokes and give individual stroke instruction during the practice. The workouts are fun and social, but at same time- challenging.

5. Can I try a few swims before I sign up?
We offer a one week trial before we ask that you sign up as a registered USMS swimmer and pay monthly team dues.

6. Do I have to compete?
No, but we will begin to offer the opportunity to compete and teammates compete at open water swims.


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