Safe Sport

The primary purpose of the Coeur d’Alene Area Swim Team is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in swimming. Unfortunately, safety problems can derail this goal and negatively impact lives. This is especially true if the problem could have been prevented. PREVENT, RESPOND and REPORT are three specific actions each person can do. Our athletes will have quarterly training educating them on each of these actions. These actions not only help prevent safety problems, but ensure those which do occur are properly addressed.

Safe Sport Concern:

How to deal with a Safe Sport Concern:

Grievance Procedure: U.S. Center for SafeSport 833-5US-SAFE (587-7233), or online reporting at


Informational Documents:

Safe Sport Best Practice Guidelines

CAST Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)


Parent Consent Forms:

Permission for Unrelated Applicable Adult to provide local transportation to a Minor Athlete

Permission for Unrelated Applicable Adult to travel to a competition with a Minor Athlete

Permission for Licensed Massage Therapist, or other Certified Professional or Health Care Provider to treat a Minor Athlete

Permission for Unrelated Adult Athlete to share a hotel room or sleeping arrangement with a Minor Athlete


CAST Safe Sport Coordinator: Jaci Downing - [email protected], (509)954-2790