Programs Offered


EAST offers 3 programs to its members to ensure that anyone can join the team and feel challenged but not overwhelmed. It is our hope that we offer programs that can appeal to the entire family. The programs are as follows:


Learn to Swim-The learn to swim program is offered for children and adults that are learning how to swim for the very first time. Instructors will be in the water with the students to offer the most support and safety. Students will be guided through all 4 levels with the intention of preparing them for either the EAST USA Swimming program for kids or the US Masters team for adults. 


USA Swim Team (EAST)-The EAST USA Swim Team is offered to children ages 5-18 that are comfortable in the water and want to hone their skills to compete competitively in swimming. Development starts in our Pre-Comp group and athletes will be guided using set goals and standards until they reach the highest level of the Gold group.


US Masters (EM)-Our Master's program is in place to offer adults ages 18 and up the opportunity to continue their involvement with swimming. This can be for physical fitness or competition. Practices are coached and swim meets will be offered. It also provides adults an opportunity to meet others in the area who share the same interests.