How to Join and What to Expect!


1. Individual membership costs are as follows: 

  • ​​Swim School: $60/Month + once yearly Flex ($30) USA Swimming Registration Fee
  • Pre-Comp: $75/Month + once yearly Flex ($30) USA Swimming Registration Fee
  • Bronze: $90/Month + once yearly Flex ($30) or Premium ($84) USA Swimming Registration Fee
  • Silver: $105/Month + once yearly Premium ($84) USA Swimming Registration Fee
  • Gold: $110/Month + once yearly Premium ($84) USA Swimming Registration Fee
  • Masters: $50/Month + once yearly US Masters Registration Fee ($60)

2. Membership can be activated or suspended at any time with no extra fees allowing your family flexibility in challenging or busy times. 

3. Members can also attend swim meets depending on their USASwimming membership. Premium members get access to all meets ($84/year) while flex members can attend up to 2 meets per year ($30/year, no championship meets allowed and this option is only available for 12 and under). 

Registration is now open to all members except Swim School.  Please read our available pool time and schedule here.  

New for the 22-23 registration year:

There are two steps to complete for registration.  Both steps must be completed before the member is allowed to practice.


Step 1:  Follow the "Click here to Register" link at the bottom of this page to complete the necessary agreements with EAST.  This process is completed through our Team Unify website.  Members will add/update their contact information, billing information for monthly dues, and electronically sign required membership agreements.  Monthly due amounts are based on the assigned training group for each swimmer and are auto billed on the first of each month.


Step 2:  On the last page of the Team Unify process (Step 1), you will receive a link to complete registration with USA Swimming.  This link is specific to our program, please do not go directly to USA Swimming to complete registration but rather follow the link given to you through our registration process. If you need assistance with this link, contact Sarah Bradley at [email protected]


Below are short videos to explain how to navigate the new USA Swimming login:


How to create a parent account:


Online Member Registration:


Existing USA Swimming members (anyone who has previously been registered with USAS): Directions on how to link to former USAS member ID. USAS is updating all member ID numbers to a new number. Please watch the video to find out how to obtain your new member ID. **If you have attempted this process and are still unable to obtain your new member ID, please reach out to [email protected] to get your new member number.


Need help? Refer to the following resources:

How do I set up my new SWIMS account if I already have a membership? - ARTICLE

How do I create an account in SWIMS as a new member? - ARTICLE

How do I create a new account for a family member? - ARTICLE


**Masters participants (adults swimming with us in the mornings) will need to follow the link to USMS registration ($60), not the USA Swimming registration. USMS renewals for 2023 do not open until November 1st.


USA Swimming/USMS Registration is a requirement for all swimmers and coaches to be on deck or in the water.  USA Swimming registration is valid for one year from time of renewal/registration through December of the following year. We renew each year's USA-S registration each Fall during our new season team registration process.   These fees are required for all swimmers in order to swim with EAST and are non-refundable. 


There are two types of USA-S memberships available for EAST swimmers:

  1. Premium Athlete ($84):  this is a full membership which includes all swim meets, including championship meets.  This level of membership is required for all Gold, Silver, and swimmers 13 and over.  We recommend this level for Bronze members.

  2. Flex Athlete ($30):  This option is available for members 12 and under only.  We recommend this level of membership for Swim School, Private Lessons and Precomp members.  Bronze members who know they will attend 2 or less swim meets and who are 12 and under may select this option.

All New and Returning Swimmers Must:

  • Be registered for the 2022-23 season BEFORE the first practice of the 2022-23 swim year.

  • Parents must sign, date, and return the membership agreement BEFORE their swimmers are allowed in the water 

  • First month’s dues and 2022-23 USA-S registration fee must be paid in full to be allowed in the water to practice.

  • Your account balance from the 2021-22 season must be paid in full to be allowed to practice.  

  • Swimmers who are 18 years of age or older must have proof of completion of athlete protection training prior to attending their first practice of 2022-23

If you are new to our program or have taken a long break, please reach out to Head Coach Sarah at [email protected]  prior to registering on the link below! Once she's had a chance to chat with you, you can return to this page to sign up!  


Click here to Register