Our Training Groups



The Pre-Comp program serves as a bridge between swim lessons and a competition team format.  This group typically does not compete in swim meets and focuses on basic stroke development and foundational swim team participation skills.

Minimum Requirements: Independently swim 25 yards on front and back 

Pre-Comp - New to swim team, usually right out of lesson program

Cost:  $75/Month, recommended attendance is 2 days per week

Equipment Needed: Fins/Kickboard/Pull Buoy/Paddles/



Bronze is the entry-level group of our competition program.  Swimmers in this group are developing proper competitive stroke techniques and learning how to think and train like competitive swimmers.

Minimum Requirements: 4x25 freestyle under :45 and 2x25 backstroke under 1:00

Age Range: 13 and under

Cost:  $90/Month, recommended attendance is 3 days per week

Equipment Needed: Fins/Kickboard/Pull Buoy/Paddles/



Swimmers will continue in their development and refinement of their strokes and turns while adding endurance training into their sets. With a combination of aerobic and anaerobic training, the athletes will work on improving both their technique and stamina. Swimmers will use training strategies such as reading a pace clock, knowledge of their personal times, and goal setting to improve their motivation and confidence in the pool.

Age Range: 10 - 13

Cost:  $105/Month, recommended attendance is 4-5 days per week; 3 days per week required minimum

Equipment Needed: Fins/Kickboard/Pull Buoy/Paddles/



The Gold group is for the most experienced swimmers on EAST. Not only must athletes demonstrate maturity and superior technical abilities but must also meet strict time standards. Practices are challenging and focus on remaining calm under pressure. Athletes are dedicated to the sport of swimming and set high standards for themselves and others in their group.

Minimum Requirements: 6x50 Flutter Kick on 1:00, 10x100 Free on 1:45, 4x50 Stroke Non-Free on 1:00

Age Range: 12-18

Cost: $110/Month, recommended attendance is 5 days per week; required minimum 4 days per week

Equipment Needed: Fins/Kickboard/Pull Buoy/Paddles/Tennis Shoes