Meets are Available for Youth & Adult Swimmers


Youth:  Meets are optional but competition is highly encourages as we are a competitive USA swim team.  You can sign up for a meet and check the meet schedule by clicking on the "events" tab at the top of our page.  Be sure you are aware of the meet deadlines and sign up ahead of time (usually 2-4 weeks prior to an event).  Youth swimmers can sign up for meets by going to "events" on our webpage or clicking here: Events Tab

Adults (Masters):  Meets are completely optional.  Many of our swimmers do not compete but we do have several who chose to go and compete as well.    For swim meet schedules and information on how to sign up, please visit (for local meets) or (for national meets)


If you have questions, please talk to Coach Chris.  [email protected] or (208) 553-7143