Manta Ray Aquatics Swim Team welcomes swimmers of all competitive levels, from beginners who are interested in trying a competitive swim program for the first time, to those who are interested in competing on a state and national level, high school swimmers, and Adults/Masters swimmers.

Tryouts & Registration

We invite you to come try us out for weeks free!

Contact our team at [email protected] for further details and to schedule a try-out.

**All new swimmers are required to have their parent/guardian fill out the following documents and return them to a Manta Ray Aquatics coach before their swimmer starts their first practice. Please click the link below to print out the documents.

Registration Documents

The total annual fee to register for both USA Swimming and Manta Ray Aquatics is $117.


Why you should join the Manta Ray Aquatics Swim Team

The Benefits of Swimming- USA Swimming

  • Swimming is an outstanding activity for people of all ages. 

  • Swimming promotes fitness and teaches a child to strive for physical achievement. Many super-stars in other sports started out as swimmers and gained strength and coordination that helped them to excel.

  • Swimming is an exciting individual and team sport.

  • Swimming is a technical and specialized activity involving extensive skill development.

  • Swimming is a healthy "lifetime" activity. Participants may be 1 to 100+years old.

  • Swimming is relatively injury-free in comparison to other youth sports.

  • Swimming teaches the life lessons of sport and sportsmanship which include learning to deal with winning and losing, as well as working with officials, teammates, and coaches.

  • Swimming motivates participants to strive for self-improvement and teaches goal orientation.

  • Swimming cultivates a positive mental attitude and high self-esteem.

  • Swimming can prevent drowning.



Drowning is a leading killer of American children.
More than 30% of kids are at risk for obesity-related illnesses.
Swimming is a cure.

Swim Groups

For information on our swim group rates please click here.


Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions you may have in regards to scheduling a try-out or registration by selecting the Contact Us or by email at [email protected]

Parent Information

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