Meet Entry Procedure

Meet entries are handled completely online through the SAS Website. 

To sign up for a meet:

1.       Log on to your account

2.      Click on the   Meet & Events   tab on this website. (This will show additional information about the events. If qualifying times are necessary it will be stated here. When available, the meet sanction document will be uploaded.)

3.      Find the event you would like to attend and click on  Attend/Decline  which appears immediately below the  event date or click on the event name and then click the  Attend/Decline  button in the right hand corner. (If it is very early, the meet information may not yet be available online)

4.      Under the “Member Name" column click on your swimmer. 

5.      In the "Declaration" box, click on :  
"Yes, please sign [swimmer name] up for this event."
“No, thanks, [swimmer name] will not attend this event.”

6.      Choose the events your swimmer wishes to enter. If qualifying times are required your swimmer must have achieved that time for the event selection to be available. Please be aware of any event limitations listed in the sanction, (e.g. limit of 3 swims per day or no NT’s allowed, etc.)  PLEASE NOTE: the Coach may change the events if he/she feels it is appropriate! If you have any questions about which events your swimmer should race you or your swimmer should talk to the coach. 

7.     In the "Notes" box enter any special request or information e.g.:  Will only be swimming on Saturday; must leave early please don’t include in a relay;  my swimmer really would like to swim X if possible, etc. Only the coach can do relay sign ups, this is not available to members

8.   Then click on "Save Changes".

Once you are committed and wish to make changes:

          If the meet deadline has not passed, you may go online & un-commit your swimmer: click on event title, then the  Edit Commitment   button.  PLEASE bring this to the coach’s attention, he may have already been planning relays with your child as an integral part & may need to adjust those entries as well. 

          If the deadline has passed, you are committed & will be billed whether you attend the meet or not. When you commit, the coach may enter relays based on your swimmer’s attendance, simply not attending a meet may mean a lost relay opportunity for teammates as well as an unnecessary expenditure for the team (relays cost a minimum of $12.00 to enter).