The following days we will NOT be having practice due to meets or holidays:

October 6--Whitworth Meet

October 19 & 20--Snohomish Meet

November 16 & 17--KROCS Meet

November 22--Thanksgiving

December 1--ONLY NORTH CANCELLED Clarkston Meet

December 24, 25, 26--All Practices CANCELLED 

December 31--All Practices CANCELLED 

January 1--All Practices CANCELLED

*December 31 & January 1--Jr/Sr ONLY 10:00am-12:00pm NORTH YMCA

January 19--Moscow Meet

January 25--Moses Lake Meet

February 10--ONLY NORTH CANCELLED Junior Champs

March 1 & 2--IES Champs

March 29 to April 6--Spring Break

April 26 & 27--Victoria BC Meet