Contribution of Volunteer Time

Parents play a vital role in our organization. There are many ways parents can become involved as a volunteer. Hosting meets and fundraising require the support of all the swimmers and their parents. We encourage each of our parents to find a way to become involved. When you are approached to help with a team function or at a swim meet please consider any special talents you may have such as computer knowledge, organizational experience, etc. Helping the team is fun and a good way to get to know other families on the team. Volunteering helps both your swimmer and the whole team!!


There are many ways to volunteer:

  • Contribute time and/or food at our Summer Solstice swim meet even if your child is not competing.
  • Participate in the annual fundraiser
  • Help coordinate events such as the fall retreat and spring banquet
  • Time at away meets
  • Serve on the board of directors or other board committees
  • Become a USA Swim official



  • The family or guardian of an SAS registered swimmer shall contribute at least 20 hours of volunteer time per year. If a family has more than one child registered, the time requirement is still 20 hours per year, per family or guardian.
  • If a family or guardian of an SAS registered swimmer donates and/or contributes food or other like goods to SAS, the family or guardian will receive 1 credit hour for every ten dollars ($10.00) of value/price of such foods and/or goods donated and/or contributed.
  • Every family is required to volunteer at least 10 hours at our Summer Solstice Meet, held in June.  
  • When any volunteer time has been completed, the family member should contact the SAS volunteer coordinator to submit the information so appropriate credit can be given.
  • Families who register after Oct 1 or leave before Sept 30 shall have their year pro-rated.
  • If 20 hours per year of mandatory volunteer time is not met by a family or guardian of an SAS registered swimmer by the end of the year, then the family or guardian will be assessed a fee of $10 per hour for every hour not met of the requirement.
  • The “year” is the team’s fiscal year and begins on Oct 1 and ends on Sept 30.
  • A family may approach the board to request a reduction in hours.

adopted 15 Aug 2017