The premier swim team in the Inland North West! If you're looking for a competitive youth swim team, you've found the right place in SWAT. Our club, now more than twenty-five years old, focuses on age-appropriate, targeted training to help our swimmers learn proper technique. Our year-round team is comprised of over 130 swimmers and includes kids from age 5 up to those graduating from high school. We offer training groups tailored to specific experience levels from Lessons to National Level Training. Swimmers advance when the right combination of attitude, work ethic, skill, age and commitment come together.

SWAT is non-profit, parent-run organization with an elected board of directors focused on bringing the best practices to our club. We run yearly board elections for opening positions in the fall. Board meetings are always on the second Tuesday of the month on the Whitworth campus. All parents are welcome to attend.


As the Spokane Waves Aquatic Team is a member of USA Swimming, all members are required to pay a yearly membership fee. This annual fee changes every year. This fee is reduced considerably for swimmers who qualify for free or reduced hot lunch through the school system (letter from the school district stating such is required). The USA Swimming membership provides secondary health and accident insurance in case of injury during swim team practice and during swim meets.



A non-refundable joining fee of $60 will be charged to new swimmers. This is an annual that swimmers pay in August along with their USA registration fee.



The Spokane Waves Aquatic Team is responsible for paying all program costs including coaches’ salaries, team travel, financial assistance, all operating expenses and pool rental costs. Therefore, the Spokane Waves must charge every swimmer must charge each swimmer monthly dues. The dues are dependent upon the group which your swimmer is placed in and will change as your swimmer moves from group to group. Monthly dues for the 2018-2018 school year are as follows: