Spokane Waves Aquatic Team Lessons

Note: We charge an annual registration fee of
  • $45.00 per student for Spokane Waves Swim Lessons Level 1 Building Confidence, Spokane Waves Swim Lessons Level 2 Gaining Independence, Spokane Waves Swim Lessons Level 3 Stroke Introduction, Spokane Waves Swim Lessons Beginner-Starfish Parent Independence, Spokane Waves Swim Lessons Private Lessons, Spokane Waves Swim Lessons Pre-Team
This extra fee will be added to the checkout page if your family has not paid this fee for over a year.

Welcome to the Spokane Waves Aquatic Team's swim lessons registration.

All lessons are conducted at the Whitworth Aquatics Center

Private lessons and Levels 1,2 and 3 of Group Lessons operate from October through the second week of March.

Pre-Team (ages 9-14) operates from October through July.




Pre-Team: Will reopen for registration in September

Pre-Team offers swimmers (average age's 9-12) who have little to no prior swim team experience an opportunity to develop their skills with the goal of eventually being able to join the Spokane Waves Aquatic Team. This is as an opportunity to 'get your feet wet' without taking the plunge until your swimmer is ready for competition. 

Offered month to month with two (2) one hour practices per week. If you wish to register for multiple months, you must register for each month separately.

If your swimmer cannot complete the minimum pre-team requirements, but is too old for level 1,2 or 3, Private Lessons will be more suitable for their development.


Group Lessons: Group lessons will reopen for registration in September.

Group lessons are designed for beginning swimmers to progress from becoming comfortable in the water to being ready to join the SWAT swim team.

  1. Each group session consists of four lessons running over a two week period, either on Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  2. Group lessons will have a maximum of five children in a group.
  3. All swimmers need to wear appropriate swim gear and goggles.
  4. Children must be at least three years old to participate.
  5. With each level comes new challenges. It is ok and sometimes needed for your child to take the same level more than once.

The instructor will notify you at the end of each session for what level you may register next. On the last Wednesday of each session, registration will open for the following session. Returning members will have registration priority on that Wednesday and Thursday. Registration will close the Sunday after noon before the start of the new session.


Private Lessons: Private lessons will reopen for registration in September.

Private lessons are limited to instructor availavility and are offered as a single 30-minute lesson at a time. Registration will open on a weekly basis for private lessons during the sessions listed above. Registration will close each Sunday for the following week of lessons. Registrations will become available at the bottom of this page as spots open up.



Group Lessons: $60/session (includes four (4) half-hour lessons- 25 min in water and up to 5 min available for feedback)

One Private Lesson: $30/lesson (Includes one (1) half-hour lesson- 25 min in water and up to 5 min available for feedback)

Pre-Team: $75/month (Includes two (2) one hour practices per week during the month selected)

    *There is a $45 annual registration fee for new swimmers, which covers insurance through USA Swimming. Swimmers who progress from the lessons program to the swim team will receive a discount on the team registration fee. Current Waves swimmers taking private lessons who are already covered under USA swimming insurance do not need to pay this fee.