This level is designed for children who are uncomfortable in the water and away from their parents. The main goal of this level is to help children become comfortable moving and playing in the water. While basic swimming technique will begin to be taught in this level, the primary outcome is not technical excellence but comfort in the water.


Skills checklist:

  • Bubble Blowing
  • Retrieve Submerged Object At Knee Level
  • Move Comfortably Through Water (Supported)
  • Basic Alternating Arm Action On Front (Supported)
  • Basic Alternating Leg Action On Back (Supported)
  • Basic Alternating Arm Movement
  • Basic Simultaneous Arm Movement
  • Front Float While Blowing Bubbles (Supported)
  • Back Float (Supported)


Sea Otter

Intended for children who are comfortable playing in the water and moving with assistance, the primary aim of this level is to introduce young swimmers to technical aspects of swimming. The primary goal for swimmers in this level is proficiency in basic swimming skills. Most skills will be learned with assistance/support.


Skills Checklist:

  • Bubble blowing with mouth and nose
  • Fully submerge face
  • Retrieve submerged object in waist deep water
  • Bobbing
  • Combined basic alternating arm and leg action on front (supported)
  • Combined basic alternating arm and leg action on back (supported)
  • Kick in side glide (supported)
  • Front float
  • Back Float
  • Roll from front float to back float (assisted)
  • Feet first entry into chest deep water.



Children in this level will gain the technique and stamina to perform basic swimming skills and strokes without assistance. Swimmers in this level will also be introduced to deep-water swimming and entry techniques.


Skills checklist:

  • Comfortable In Deep Water (supported)
  • Retrieve Submerged Object In Chest-Deep Water
  • Treading Water
  • Front Float
  • Back Float
  • Side Glide
  • Streamline On Front
  • Transition From Streamline To Side Glide
  • Streamline On Back
  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Dolphin Kick (Supported)
  • Breaststroke Kick (Supported)
  • Feet First Deep Water Entry (Assisted)
  • Kneling Dive (Assisted)



Swimmers who enter this level should be proficient in basic, unassisted front crawl and backstroke and should be comfortable moving in both shallow and deep water. During this level, swimmers work on improving their swimming technique, learning dives, and increasing their stamina enough to be able to complete full lengths of the small pool unassisted. Swimmers who pass Dolphin are eligible for entry into the Ripples group of the swim team.


Skills Checklist:

  • Deep Water Bobbing
  • Treading Water
  • Side Glide
  • Streamline On Front
  • Streamline On Back
  • Freestyle With Side Breathing
  • Backstroke
  • Dolphin Kick
  • Breaststroke Kick
  • Feet First Deep Water Entry
  • Kneeling Dive
  • Standing Dive