To view registration opportunities for swim lessons, please click on the link above that says Swim Lessons

Levels 1,2, and 3 of the SWAT swim lessons program are offered from October through February

Pre-Team is available from September through July

All annual registrations expire in August

Beginner (Average ages 2-4)

Water Introduction

We currently do not offer group lessons for water introduction, infant or mother/infant classes. If your swimmer needs beginner lessons, private lessons listed at the bottom of this page may be most suitable.

Level 1

Building Confidence (Average Ages 3-5) 

Intended for children who are comfortable playing in the water and moving with assistance, the primary aim of this level is to introduce young swimmers to fundamental aspects of swimming. Introducing rhythmic breathing, buoyancy, and propulsive movements. Most skills will be learned with assistance/support.


Minimum Requirements

-Must be at least 3 years of age

-Must be able to listen to instructor without parent support

-Must be able to fully submerge

-Blow bubbles with whole face in water


Skills Learned

  • Bobbing (10 times without stopping)
  • Unassisted-Retrieve submerged object in waist-deep water
  • Assisted-Retrieve object at 3.5 ft
  • Front float 5 seconds
  • Back float 5 seconds 
  • Assisted-Roll from front float to back float
  • Assisted- alternating arm and leg movement on front and back
  • Push off wall 5 ft to instructor with head in water
  • Jump in water, instructor helps swimmer return to wall on back


Level 2

Gaining Independence (Average Ages 4-7)

Children in this level will gain the technique and stamina to perform basic survival swimming skills to become independent in the water. Basic front crawl and backstroke will be introduced. Assistance will be gradually taken away.


Minimum Requirements

-Must be able to perform all skills from Level 1


Skills Learned

  • Jump feet first into deep water and return to wall
  • Retrieve submerged object in shoulder-deep water
  • Streamline-kick on back 5 yards
  • Streamline-kick on front 5 yards
  • Backstroke 10 yards
  • Front crawl 10 yards (roll to back for breath)
  • Breastroke Kick


Level 3

Stroke Introduction (Average Ages 5-8)

Swimmers who enter this level should be proficient in basic, unassisted front crawl and backstroke and should be comfortable moving in both shallow and deep water. During this level, swimmers work on improving their swimming technique, learning dives, and increasing their stamina enough to be able to complete full lengths of the small pool unassisted. Swimmers who pass Level 3 are *eligible for entry into the Ripples group of the swim team.


Minimum Requirements

-Must be able to swim independenty

-All skills learned from level 2


Skills Learned

  • Dolphin Kick
  • Streamline to front crawl with side breathing
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Somersault



Pre-Team  (Average Ages 9-12)

Pre-Team offers any swimmer ages 9-14 who have little to no prior team experience an opportunity to develop their strokes. It also serves as a great way to transition onto the Spokane Waves Aquatic Team from other lessons programs or rec-team experience. This is as an opportunity to 'get your feet wet' without taking the plunge until your swimmer is *ready for competition.

Minimum Requirements

-All pre-team swimmers must be able to comfortably complete 50 yards freestyle and 50 yards backstroke before joining. Do not register your swimmer for this group in hopes that they can accomplish this. These skills are a prerequisite to joining the group. If your swimmer cannot complete these skills, but is too old for level 1,2 or 3, Private Lessons will be more suitable for their development.


Skills Introduced (*swimmer must become proficient in all skills listed to move on from pre-team)

  • Butterfly
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Freestyle
  • Flipturns
  • Open turns



Private Lessons  (Ages 3 years old and above)


Private lessons are a great way for any swimmer to improve with personal attention and feedback. There are no minimum skill requirements, and all skills are learned as the swimmer is ready for the next challenge. Private lessons have limited availability.





*Joining Levels 1,2,3 or Pre-team does not guarantee you swimmer a spot on the team (SWAT). To join SWAT, your swimmer will need to complete and pass a tryout with the developmental coach.