SWAT Update Tuesday, March 31 2020 (USAS Insurance Dryland Policies, IES Top 16 Rankings)

Sean Muncie

Hello SWAT,

We hope everyone is staying Healthy and Happy.


Stronger Together

The coaching staff would like to everyone for all for your support as we move forward together through this time of uncertainty. The overwhelming support from our Spokane Waves community has been humbling. This continued support from all our members is a testament to how strong we are as a team. There are many programs across the country that do not have the continued support of their membership and laid off coaches the first week of quarantine. In turn the future of these programs are in jeopardy as they may not have the staff available to open their doors to the swimmers once this is all over. We are all missing the water right now and coaches are eager to be back on deck with the swimmers. We hope everyone is at least able to enjoy more family time at home and that the swimmers are able to find new motivation to get back in the water and stay fit with all the dryland tools available online. 


New USA Swimming Regulations Regarding at Home Dryland Workouts

USA Swimming has passed on new regulations regarding online training or online workouts. The primary motivation for the new guidelines stem from the USA Swimming Insurance Policies that come with your annual USA Swimming Membership. Since the beginning of the Social Distancing Policies, the question has been “does USA Swimming Insurance cover injury at home if coaches are sending workouts?” The short answer is “No”. USA Swimming has just published guidelines for all teams to follow if they are emailing workouts to the swimmers to complete at home. Of the most restrictive guidelines is that athletes are only insured under USA Swimming only when Coaches are in direct sight of the athlete through video conferencing. New policies state that during these line of sight video workout sessions only eight swimmers at a time are allowed to participate in each video session.

As you can guess scheduling 8 athlete workout sessions throughout the day for the entire team would be difficult to say the least.

Instead we need our membership to know that all workouts sent by the coaching staff are optional, completed at your own risk and are recommendations only.

*If your swimmer chooses to participate in the daily workout recommendation provided by the coaches, that participation implies consent by you the parents to hold harmless USA Swimming and the Spokane Waves Aquatic Team in the event of any injury sustained by the athlete at home.*


Returning to the Water?

We are hopeful that we can return the water at least in a limited capacity May 1.

We are required to wait for the recommendation from the Governor, Whitworth & USA Swimming when it is safe to return. Thank you everyone for your patience.


Fundraising Requirements Waived Until Swim-A-Thon Rescheduled

We originally had our Swim-A-Thon scheduled for April. Because of the current situation the annual fundraising requirement this year has been waved until we can reschedule.


LSC Rankings 2019-2020 Short Course Season

Congratulations to all our swimmers who have made the final IES Top 16 List. Although many of our athletes did not get to realize their true potential because of the canceled Sectional & Regional meets we still had some outstanding swims and have once again proven that SWAT is the highest performing and most well rounded & versatile team in the Inland Empire.  

Click the Age Groups Below to see the final LSC Top 16 rankings for the 2019-2020 season.



Thank you again for your support, we are cautiously optimistic about our timeline to return to the water and excited to work with the swimmers again.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Sean Muncie 
Head Coach 
Spokane Waves Aquatic Team

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