Spokane Waves Begin Practices Monday, June 15 @ Whitworth University

sean muncie

Hello SWAT,

The June 15 start date at Whitworth is still on and swimmers will be in the water soon.

Coaches will post a video on our social distancing plans, drop off and pick up points and lane positions during practice shortly.

We are fortunate. Our Phase 2 practice schedule still allows for excellent water time for our swimmers. Parents, please help the coaches manage the pool deck and make sure your swimmers understand the procedure.

We want a smooth opening so the Whitworth Administration has confidence that we will adhere to their expectations and manage the facility which will further encourage them to loosen the water restrictions on our practice space.

Drop off and Pick Up Points:

  •  There is only one drop off point and one pick up point
  •  Drop-off for each practice is at the front entrance  in the main parking lot
  •  Pick-up for each practice time is at the side entrance in the side parking lot.
  •  Whitworth has asked that there is no crowding or congregation in the parking lots.
  •  The main lobby and spectator seating on deck are closed to all spectators. 
  •  There will be at least one board member or safe sport certified adult on deck each practice to remain safe sport compliant. 

Swimmers Entrance and Exit:

  •  Swimmers must arrive to practice in their suits ready to swim. The Locker rooms are closed to everyone.
  •  Bathrooms may be used one at a time if necessary. 
  •  There is only one entrance through the main lobby and one exit through the side doors.
  •  Swimmers cannot gather socially at the front entrance.
  •  Training Bag positions will be marked on deck or on the bleachers for equipment or swim bags during practices
  •  Swimmers will have Starting and Stopping stations in the water to maintain distancing during the workout.
    •  There will not be more than two swimmers on the wall at any time. During practice swimmers will need to stay in their lane position at all times. This will be explained and demonstrated in an instructional video to be posted soon.
  •  After practice swimmers will exit through the side entrance.
  •  Parents, we asked you pick up your swimmer(s) on time to avoid crowding in the pickup area.


EWU Swimmers:

We are pursuing lane space at Airway Heights to accommodate our EWU Athletes. City of Spokane and Airway Heights Pool Managers have not yet heard of or received a start date at those facilities. Please make an effort to carpool to Whitworth for the scheduled workouts. It is an inconvenience but it is only temporary.


Thank you all for being patient while we navigate our program through this. Because of all your support, SWAT will continue to thrive for the benefit of all current and future athletes. Its cliche', but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If SWAT can survive this crisis,  then our team will stand the test of time for our swimmers to appreciate years to come. 

 See you on deck,

  Click Here for the Phase 2 Practice Schedule

Please talk to your coach if you have issues with the adjusted practice times.