SWAT, Practice Schedules, June 22 Start Date, Team Meeting Tomorrow @5pm

sean muncie

Hello SWAT,

It has been a confusing 24 hours. For that I apologize. We are trying to get ready to roll out a new training schedule based on new information and opening guidelines that have been changing rapidly.

Please disregard the email that was sent through the Team Unify system last night. It was an auto reminder and the TU Event was being prepared for the new training schedule to the membership. Things changed again last night with new guidelines from the state.

Friday, we received word from Whitworth that we can only start practices when Phase 3 begins. Based on the increase in COVID cases in Spokane county this past week, Phase 3 would not begin June 15 pushing our start date back to a date TBD. On top of that we were instructed to swim only one person per lane. This was the source of the New Training Schedule that was sent out last night. (Note: registration for the new practice schedule has not been opened and will be explained later).

Last night, the state released new guidelines for opening pools and gave the green light for aquatic centers to open. Given this new information, the Whitworth Health Inspector has given us the new start date of Monday, June 22 to begin our training programs.      

The June 22 start date was given to allow Whitworth to create a new Health and Safety training plan for all aquatic center staff. Next week Whitworth lifeguards and aquatic center employees will be trained with new PPE guidelines, sanitation requirements and facility management procedures.

The aquatic center will be the first facility opened on the Whitworth campus, so the Healthy and Safety plan they adopt for us will be the first on campus. Also, Whitworth is using many of the guidelines and facility management procedures SWAT proposed to help manage the facility.

We do not yet know if we will be able to swim 3-4 to a lane (Practice Schedule A) or if we are limited to 1 person per lane (Practice Schedule B). We should know by the end of the week what our lane space requirements will be. In either case we are ready for both scenarios.

Practice Schedule (A) is the original plan we had for beginning June 15 swimming 3-4 to a lane. Schedule (B) is the plan we had to create this week which only allows 1 swimmer per lane or one family per lane.  

Click Here for Training Schedule (A)         Click  Here for Training Schedule (B)

Regarding Schedule (B): If necessary, we will open registration for Schedule (B) as soon as we know what our lane spacing requirements are. There will be a 24hr period for everyone to register their swimmer(s) in their lane and time block. During the first 24 hour registration period swimmers can only register for one Lane/Time Block under the recommended group time. After the first 24 hour period has expired and every swimmer has a reserved lane and practice time we will then open up registration for any Open Lanes/Times for additional training time.

Again, we apologize for any confusion or misinformation. We are doing our best to keep up with and keep everyone up to date with the new guidelines and regulations without presenting information that may soon be irrelevant and more confusing.

We will have a team Zoom Meeting Tomorrow Night, Thursday, June 11 at 5pm to discuss our practice options and answer any questions you might have. All parents and swimmers are asked to attend.(Click Here)


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