SWAT, Confirmation of Positive COVID Case at KROC Center in CDA. Low Risk Infection Potential. Team Policy Regarding Travel Outside Whitworth

sean muncie

Hello SWAT,

It has come to our attention that a CAST team member, that usually trains at the KROC Center in Coeur D’Alene has tested positive for COVID-19.

Though most of our swimmers stopped travelling to CDA two weeks ago when we started Schedule C at Whitworth there have been several who have continued traveling to CDA for additional lane space.

The CDA swimmer in question became infected through a coworker and was job related, not Aquatic (KROC) Center related.  Said swimmer also has not been to practice for a week and was training with the CAST Senior Group. Risk of infection is low but possible. It also means that the virus is closer to home now and can spread within our community if not checked.


If your swimmer has been to the KROC Center to swim since our start date June 22 during CAST practice times of 5:30-7am and 5-6:30pm, we ask that you monitor closely for any COVID-19 symptoms. If your swimmer is experiencing symptoms, then see your primary health care provider for a COVID-19 evaluation immediately.  


SWAT is “Strongly Discouraging” use of the KROC Center in Coeur D’Alene or any other facility than the (MET) Whitworth Aquatic Center. The Safety Protocols Whitworth has placed on us for use of their facility such as: Temperature checks at the front desk, Mask requirements, Signing in for contact tracing, Sanitizing, Lane Spacing and Limiting number of swimmers, Bag Spacing, Drop off and Pick Points, etc are all designed to help keep our athletes healthy and return to the pool responsibly. Idaho does not have any of these Safety Measures required, due to being in a different Phase, and further use of the KROC Center puts our SWAT athletes at more risk of infection. 


In the event of a positive case on SWAT: all swimmers who train during the same time block, along with the Coach, must self-quarantine for two weeks to prevent asymptomatic spread. The infected individual can only return to the water after proof of a negative test.


As a reminder, please contact your Coach and do not come to practice if you, or members of your family are feeling ill, feverish, coughing or have any symptoms of Covid-19 as described by the Health Department, or have potentially been exposed to someone testing positive with Covid.


See your Primary Health Care Provider or visit a Spokane Urgent Care Clinic if you suspect you or your swimmer may have symptoms or swam in the KROC Center during the same time as the CAST athlete who tested positive. 


Keep in mind that if one swimmer tests positive in one of our training sessions at Whitworth, all other swimmers and coaches present during that training period will need to self-quarantine for 14 days or until a negative test is documented and verified.



Thank you for your attention to this and doing your part to keep our pool deck safe and swimmers healthy, as the COVID cases continue to spike both in our community and in Idaho.

With the rise of cases please take seriously your actions outside of the pool to keep our athletes as safe as possible and encourage everyone to wear a mask in public.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Head Coach Sean Muncie.  


Click Here for Spokane Regional Health District Information and Testing Events


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