Billing clarification

Amy Ingalls

Hello SWAT families-

Just a quick reminder of a few items.  Your October billing was comprised of your swimmer's monthly dues, any entry fees if your swimmer was at the Moses Lake meet, and the $81 USA Swimming Athlete Annual registration for each swimmer.  As acknowledged in the Spokane Waves Fees document at registration, we bill the USAS Athlete registration in October so the initial registration costs aren't so large for families with multiple swimmers.  The SWAT 2021-2022 Fees document can also be viewed on the website under the Parents/Team documents tab or

If you would like to access your account information for billing, log into Team Unify on your computer (preferably not phone), go to My Account/Billing/Invoices and Payments.

Also, we encourage members to change over to ACH from your bank after registration as there is only a $1.50 fee per transaction for ACH when the cc fees are .03 per transaction plus 2.95% of the total payment in fees. 

When you register, Team Unify requires a credit card, and then you have to log into your account on, go to My Account, scroll over to billing and then set up autopay. When you go to My Account/Set up Autopay and then go to the payment setup tab you will see the credit card that you registered with. 

There should be two buttons on the page above you cc card that say add new card or add new bank account.  You would want to choose add bank account.  Once your bank ACH account is input, you go back to the payment setup page and click "use for fees associated with your account" (it will use that for the auto billing). 

It will not let you delete the cc you have on there, but choose "use for on demand payments" for that and it will be used when you want to make an additional payment outside of autobilling (which is very rare).

Make sure that you click the green save payment information at the very bottom of the screen as a lot of people miss that, and you want to do this on a computer and not your phone as the screens are more difficult to navigate fully on the phone.