SWAT Season Opener a Success! (Meet Results)

Sean Muncie

Sprint Shootout Results & Improvements


SWAT's Season Opener was a Success. Considering we have only been in the water for five weeks, there were a lot of great swims at the first meet of the season.

Keep in mind each swimmer is on a different developmental track.

We are only five weeks into the season and while some athletes are ready to drop time early on because of their physical growth, developmental maturity and training they did over the summer (particularly 12 & Under swimmers); others have a longer timeline for improvement and require a month or two to acclimate back into training and need to experience one or two complete training cycles (rest and taper process at a championship meet) to begin dropping time (usually 13 & over swimmers).

Remember patience, consistency and perseverance are key to the long-term development of each athlete.

Up Next the October Challenge at Whitworth (Hosted by SWAT)     


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