October Challenge a Success! Meet Results & Improvements, First Time Competitors, 100% Best Times

Sean Muncie

October Challenge a Success!

Thank you, SWAT, for a great weekend of racing. It really does take a village to run a good meet. SWAT has an outstanding tradition of hosting well organized competitions, and this weekend was no different. The October Challenge ran smooth, on time and the visiting teams were very appreciative of the quality of our home meets. Thank you for your time, all our athletes benefit when we work to create a positive experience for them.  

We hope everyone had fun and is excited about the upcoming competition schedule.


Meet Results and Improvements

We had a lot of great swims this past weekend. Many athletes got to see the accumulation of the work they put in over the summer others had a chance to see where they are in their training and what adjustments they need to make to experience success at the end of the season.

Keep in mind, progress comes in many forms. Every athlete develops at their own pace and has their own challenges to overcome. We know it is difficult but do not compare your athlete’s progress to another’s. Success is not linear and in the case of swimming is dependent, on age, experience, physical maturity, dedication and coachability. Results Attached Below     


100% Best Times

Achieving 100% Best Times is extremely difficult in the middle of the season. While it is more reasonable for an Age Group Swimmer (12 & Under) to achieve 100% in the middle of the season because of their experience level. 100% is still the goal for Gold and Senior Level Swimmers as well; their timeline is just a little longer looking forward to their rested and shaved meets in February and March/

Congratulations to our athletes who achieved 100% Best Times:

Lincoln Fritz, Kaleb Krug, Elle Krug, Huy Ton

(100%= the athlete attended both days of competition and dropped time in all events with no Disqualifications or No Shows).


First Time Competitors!

SWAT would like to recognize the following 13 Swimmers for Competing in their first Swim Meet ever. Congratulations Swimmers, we hope you had a great experience!

Cameron Bentley,  Rorie Donahey, Drew Hanley, Tekiya Hitchcock, Emmett Huebner, Evan Liljestrand, Keaton Lohrmeyer, Sam Salas, Kayley Smith, Zeke Tally, Adilein Tau, Johnathan Townsend , Kai Van Sickle


Up Next The Adam England Memorial Meet (CDA)

Registration Deadline, November 3rd


Click Here for Oct Challenge Meet Results and Improvements

Great Job Team!