Coaches Note 6-30-09

Coaches Note: 6-30-09


We’re going strong now!  It’s weird to think that there are only 4 more weeks until Long Course Champs and 5 more weeks of practice—didn’t summer just begin?  Anyway, here is what’s happening this week.


·          Lobby Etiquette: We had a conversation with the Whitworth Aquatic Staff, and they wanted to make sure that we stressed two key points to everyone:

o         No one is allowed to play or go behind the front desk in the lobby.  That area is reserved for Aquatics Center Staff only.

o         Please do not use the flyers in the lobby as scratch paper.  Do not take them unless you are planning to use the information on the flyer and do not draw on them and leave them in the lobby.


·          Calendar Change: Due to the Wheelchair Games held at Whitworth, practice on Tuesday, July 14 will be from 3-5.  On Thursday, July 16 there will be no practice at all.


·          Email Problems: We are in the process of creating a new website.  Part of that process has included changing hosts for our email service.  The transition has not been smooth.  If you have sent an email to the coaching staff in the last 5 days or so, please make sure and follow up with us so we don’t miss anything.


·          Practice Saturday: Since the Snake River Challenge in Lewiston has had problems, there are only a small group of swimmers who will make the trip down for the Open Water swim on Saturday morning (if you’d like to head down, feel free—you are allowed to enter up until the swim begins).  We are going to offer normal practice on Saturday.  Keddy will head down with the Open Water swimmers, while Kevin will run Seniors from 7-9 AM and either Ariana or Rory will coach Regionals from 7-8 AM and Juniors from 8-9 AM.


·          Developmental Meet: Thanks to everyone who attended the meet last Saturday; it was a nice little event with some pretty solid swims.  We will post results at the pool—right now, they are not available to email out.  Thanks again to everyone who participated, especially any parent who volunteered their time!


·          Upcoming Meets: Saturday, July 4, is the Open Water swim in Lewiston .  The following week, July 10-12, is the Moses Lake meet.  Entries are posted at the pool. 


·          Long Course Champs: Entries for IES Long Course Championship Meet, held July 23-27 in beautiful Wenatchee , are due on Monday.  Please try and make this weekend available to travel and compete, as it is a major championship meet for the team.  There are qualifying times, so please click here to view the qualifying standards.  As always, talk to your swimmer’s coach if you have any questions.


·          Keddy Update: Keddy’s wife got out of the hospital yesterday morning, and is currently spending some time at her mother’s house to help build up her strength.  She has recovered well, but is very weak from her 3 week hospital stay.  The family may need some help with freezer meals or childcare in the coming weeks.  Right now, Keddy just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who asked a question, said a prayer, or offered to help.  We’ll keep you posted.


That’s about all; have a great week.