New Policies at the pool

Please share this with all of the Waves Team members and parents.

Thank you for your help with these 4 items:

 1.        The Aquatic Center has been advised to keep all doors shut due to our new HVAC system.  The staff continually reports that during Waves the doors are open as people are going in and out of the back door.  While we understand it is hot, we are working with facilities to make the adjustments as needed so bare with us but we must restrict opening and leaving the doors open during the 5-8 p.m .times. (exception is emergency evacuation).

2.        When we arrived at the pool Monday morning the cash registar had been “played with” someone had removed the tape and ripped up portions of it and we had to re-set it and track down our sales.  We must restrict ANY NON-AQUATIC CENTER STAFF FROM BEHIND THE FRONT POOL LOBBY CASH REGISTER AREA.  (during meets we will remove the register if that area is needed ). During the regular practice times no one can enter that area.

 3.        FOOD issues – WE HAVE MICE!  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL FOOD THAT IS  NOT CONSUMED IS THROWN AWAY OUTSIDE IN THE DUMSTER OR IN THE GARBAGE CANS OUTSIDE.  I came in last week and found ½ a pizza left/open on the front table…so be mindful to have your folks pick up after themselves as we are trying to get a handle on the rodent population.

 4.        Finally the hall-way/ lost and found piles.  This is an eyesore – and while we understand things get left and need to be recovered we either need to move this in to the waves office area or it needs to be kept up AFTER EACH PRACTICE.  To our other patrons this is often times the “first” impression of the Aquatic Center  so we appreciate being able to keep it up and keep the Aquatic Center looking professional and clean.

 THANKS SO MUCH for addressing this with the team/members etc.  We are doing the same with our staff.

 Any questions feel free to call us.

 Patty Murphy, ATRIC

Assistant Aquatic Director/Adjunct Faculty

Whitworth University