Website Login Information

Welcome to our new and improved Spokane Waves Aquatic Team website!

You should have already received your password to logon to the website as a member. In
the password access email, you will receive generic directions
telling you what to do.

Please only follow the directions on how
to change your password, please disregard the directions for the
Personal Dues Summary Information and View Your Invoices and
Payments Summary.

Things we would like you to do (by the end of August…prior to
1. After logging in with your randomly assigned, e-mailed password, please
change your password to one that you will remember and write it down.
(directions were emailed with the password access email) If you do
forget your password at a later time, you can email me and I will send you
an email that will tell you what it is. Please note that I cannot view your
password but I can send you an email that will tell you what it is.

2. Click on My Account (on the left side bar) to update information (give an
examples of information to be updated.)

3. Next, you will see “BILLING ACCOUNT CONFIGURATION” under which
are three (3) tabs

1. Account Info: You can update your email addresses here.
2. $ Payment Setup: You will not be able to edit here
3. $Membership Dues Schedule: You will not be able to see current
invoices or volunteer info here yet either.
***remember to save account changes
4. Under the Account Info tab you will see three (3) more tabs:
1. Billing Information: update address and phone numbers
2. Guardians: update guardian names and phone numbers
3. Insurance/Emergency Contact: update info
***remember to save account changes

5. You will also see your swimmer’s name(s) towards the bottom of the screen.
When you click on your swimmers name a window titled
“MEMBER/ATHLETE PROFILE” will appear. Please do not make edits to info
that is already completed in the profile! However, you may upload a picture if
you would like. If you have questions about your profile info, please email Teri Madill. In this window you will also see three (3) more tabs:
1. Biography/Notes
2. Medical Information: please update medical info
3. USA Registration: You should not need to make changes here either.
However, it is okay for folks to update the optional data like Ethnicity
and Disability as our registrar is missing that information from some
***remember to save account changes
On the left sidebar you will also see the following tabs:
1. My Meet Results: You can check your swimmers meet results
2. $ My Invoice/Payment: this page is not up and running yet…Registrar Teri
Madill is working on it. The plan is to have invoice/account information
ready for September billing.

In addition:
Some tabs are only available to view after logging on such as Pictures, Board
Minutes, etc
Please note that we are still in the setup stage, and
changes/updates will be occurring.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions
you may have.

Nikki McGregor