Coaches Note 9-8-09

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Hello Waves Families,                                                                                                    Coaches Note 9-8-09
Hello from Florida! Kevin Eddy and I are at the ASCA World Clinic, learning from the best minds in coaching from around the world. Already It has been a great experience, with many Idea’s that will change the way we both approach coaching. Here are a few of the major upcoming events, please take the time to read through them.
-Kroc Meet “Fall Frenzy” October 2-4th (Entries will be due Monday September 14th.)
The Kroc Meet sign-up will be ready the moment I get the meet file from CAST.  YOU will be responsible for getting your kids signed up. Please take a look at the meet sign-up process: 
Entries are now set up on the web-site. This year you will be responsible for signing up your kids for meets. Here is a quick step by step process which you can follow to make sure you are entered in a meet.
1.   1    Login to the web-site
2.   2    Locate the desired meet through the home page, or Events/Meets tab.
3.   3    CLICK “Attend this Event”
4.   4    Now click the name of the swimmer. (Families will have to do this for each swimmer)
5.   5      Declare “Yes, Please sign [_____] up for this event.”
6.   6    You may now select which events are preferred (Though the coaches have final say.)
7.   7    Coaches will then go and approve or modify entries for that swimmer.
8.   8    Congratulations, your now have successfully entered a meet.
***Remember, the coaches can/will make changes.  IF you want us to select the events, please sign your kids up for events, and write a note in the available box that you would like US to set up events.
-New Swimmers (September 14th)
We will be having new families join the team on September 14 th. Remember what it was like when you just joined and extend a welcoming hand. It’s never fun being the new people on the block, so let’s try to do a good job welcoming them to the Waves.
-Varsity Lessons (September 21st- Oct. 8th)
Lessons Start Monday September 21 st . This means the pool will be very crowded and noisy. I wanted to make sure you knew and could perhaps prepare your kids for the extra bodies at the pool. 
-Store volunteer
The Waves store is in desperate need of a store manager. It takes a lot of time, but it’s a great way to get your volunteer hours in. Please see the linked file  [Volunteer Opportunities] about this and many other opportunities to help out the Waves.
-Officials Class (Oct 21st. @ 5:30 PM)
There is an Officials class coming up.   Being an official is a great way to learn more about the sport that you’ve become a part of. Not only will you appreciate and understand your child’s swims more, but you’ll get your entire volunteer hours taken care of in no time.
That’s all for the week, have a great day and I’ll see you at the pool.
-Kevin Wang