Coaches Note 9-15-09


Hello Waves Families,                                                                                                     
After getting to talk and hang out with a few Olympic coaches last week, Both Keddy and I are very excited to get back to the business of coaching the team. We learned a lot of great ideas and theories from some of the best coaching minds in the world. Inspired and excited, we’re ready to do our best to bring out the potential in all our swimmers. For those new to reading the Coaches notes, I try to bullet point the interesting and important information. Take the time to read through the upcoming events and news.
-Welcome new Families
I wanted to be one of the first to welcome everyone to the team. I hope your stay with us is fun and what you are looking for. We try to provide a family atmosphere where people can excel in swimming. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to call me. Also, remember that there is quite a lot of information on the web-site. 
-Kroc Meet (October 2nd-4th)
The first meet of the year is coming up October 2 nd-4 th. The meet is going to be Held at the brand new Kroc Center. This is a great opportunity to get your feet wet with meets. It’s near by, (not as close as our own pool, but not too far,) and the facility is top rate. 
**Today is the LAST DAY to sing up, do so here KROC MEET SIGNUP***
If your new and are just getting started, don’t feel any pressure to go to the meet. However if you do want to go, Info on the meet can be found at our web-site, Kroc Meet; Also, please let me know if you’ve never been to a meet. I’ll try and get you some information and set up with a veteran family who’s going to the meet.
-Albertsons – Community Partners:
If you go shopping and want to help out your team, please click on this link. It’s a No cost, 2 minute process that can donate from 1-4% of your grocery bill to the Waves. LINK: Albertsons – Community Partners
-Maters Sink-or-Swim Meet (October 10th)
Our Second Annual Masters Sink or Swim meet will be held October 10 th. If you’re interested, please let me know so I can get you signed up. Link: Masters Sink-or-Swim
-Training Tip:
Consistency is Key. It provides a base for everything we are trying to accomplish on this team.
Without consistency, improvement will be based solely on getting older and stronger. Another benefit of consistency is injury prevention. Sporadic exercise leads to cramps and injury much more often than a consistent effort. 
That’s it for the week, Have a great day and I’ll see you at the pool.
-Kevin Wang
Head Coach – Spokane Waves