Coaches Note 9-29-09

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

We are starting to get into competition mode, so start getting ready to attend some meets.   Like we said last week, we are all having a blast, and think we are going to have an amazing season this year. Please let us know if there are any questions, concerns, or comments that you may have—we love to talk! :-)  Here’s what’s going on this week:

·         Fall Frenzy Meet (October 2-4)

Our first competition of the year begins on Friday!!! Warm ups begin at 4:00 PM, with competition beginning at 5:00 PM. Please click here for the event page, so you can double check directions; hopefully, a timeline will also be posted later Tuesday or Wednesday.

·         Trick or Treat (October 23-25)

The meet host, Gold Medal Swim Club, has moved the entry deadline. Therefore, we are continuing to take entries until 11:59 PM on Tuesday, October 6 Please click here for the event page so you can sign up for the meet or double check entries.

·         Sylvias - Team Suit & Equipment Order!

We now have a link to Sylvia’s online Team Store. This is how we are going to order team gear and training equipment.  Click here to set up your account. Orders are Due Oct. 11th.
Questions on what to order? Take a look at this: What to Order

·         Training Tip of the Week

Everyone learns differently, which is why we as a coaching staff attempt to teach our swimmers in a variety of ways. Obviously, verbal instruction is the easiest and most commonly used, especially in school settings. Swimming is a very complex sport, and visual learning (seeing something and trying to mimic it) is a very powerful tool in helping a swimmer clean up their technique. So, what can you do? Instead of watching TV, spend some time looking and watching swimming videos on the internet. Watch Olympians race, compare the variety of techniques out there, and try to mimic them in practices. As always, please make sure you work with your coach in order to receive proper instruction; after all, we are professionals!

·         Parent Education

We always need new volunteers to help make the club run efficiently. In particular, we highly encourage parents to become officials. In addition, we understand that some parents are completely lost when it comes to swimming.  Therefore, we have created an expanded Parent Education tab on the website. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO VIEW THIS INFORMATION; please click here for the link. Under the tab, there are sub-menus for each practice group, a parent volunteer section, and a Board Information Page. Read, learn, enjoy! Of course, this information is not a substitute for a conversation, so please talk to any coach or board member personally if you need help with anything—don’t be afraid to talk to us, we don’t bite :-)

We can’t say enough about your children—we really do enjoy working with them. We hope that they share our crazy enthusiasm. Thanks again for helping to make our team what it is! 

Kevin and Keddy