Becoming a member of the Spokane Waves Aquatic Team means safe sport, fun, fitness and teamwork. It also means a financial obligation to pay monthly dues and other charges in a timely manner. The following outlines what you can expect to pay as a member of the Spokane Waves Aquatic Team. At first glance, it may seem as if the swim team is expensive. However, when taking into account the hours of coaching you swimmer receives for their monthly dues, the swim team offers a reasonable team experience designed to promote self-esteem, self-discipline, and good sportsmanship.


As the Spokane Waves Aquatic Team is a member of USA Swimming, all members are required to pay a yearly membership fee. This annual fee changes every year. This fee is reduced considerably for swimmers who qualify for free or reduced hot lunch through the school system (letter from the school district stating such and Outreach application is required). The USA Swimming membership provides secondary health and accident insurance in case of injury during swim team practice and during swim meets. Each swimmer MUST be registered with USA-S in order to swim with Spokane Waves. The annual USA-S fee for the 2022-2023 season is $81 per swimmer. The USA-S fee posts to the account at registration, or at the beginning of the month following. USA Swimming no longer sends out paper membership cards, but swimmers may check their USA swimming registration status via the Deck Pass application electronically.



Registration administration fees will be $150 per family, plus $10 per swimmer (fee includes team shirt).   For swimmers trying out for SWAT on dates other than the annual registration, team registration administration fees will be $150 per swim family, plus $10 per swimmer. 



The Spokane Waves Aquatic Team is responsible for paying all program costs including coaches’ salaries, team travel, financial assistance, all operating expenses and pool rental costs. Therefore, the Spokane Waves must charge every swimmer must charge each swimmer monthly dues. There are some discounts for families with multiple swimmers enrolled.  (3rd swimmer 5% discount, 4th swimmer 10%, and 5th swimmer is free). The dues are dependent upon the group which your swimmer is placed in and will change as your swimmer moves from group to group. Monthly dues for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:


Group 12 Month Billing



Ripples $80
Wave Riders $85
Bronze $95
Silver $105
Gold $145
Platinum $160
Senior $175
National $190


Families will receive invoices monthly via email each month. Charges can be paid by bank draft or credit card.



High school rates are available only for Cheney swimmers that participate in high school swimming. The high school rate is $110 a month during the high school season.



The Spokane Waves Aquatic Team host 2-3 swim meets each year. In order to run these meets, we need many volunteers. We ask each swim family to volunteer 3-4 hours of their time during these weekends. Volunteering is a great way to meet new families and get involved in your child’s activity. Swim meets are also a major fund-raisers for the team. Through the sale of t-shirts, heat sheets and food during meets we generate needed funds to help with running prices.

The average meet will cost a swimmer approximately $40 in entry fees and may or may not be dependent upon the number of events entered. Some host teams charge a fee based on the number of events entered and some charge a flat rate no matter how many events are entered. Swimmers are billed for these entry fees. Our team must pay the host club for all entry fees in advance. A swimmer who enters a meet and does not cancel the entry with their coach before the check is sent to the host club must pay for his/her entry whether or not he/she ultimately attends the meet.



In order to keep fees as low as possible, fundraising is required by each family. Swim-a-thon is SWAT’s annual and only required fund-raiser, and all swimmers must participate even if he/she is unable to swim in the event. During Swim-a-thon swimmers collect pledges, either for laps they swim or flat amounts. This event encourages the swimmers to raise funds from friends, families, neighbors and relatives, or families may choose to donate money themselves. Businesses that a family frequents may also be willing to sponsor a swimmer for Swim-a-thon. SWAT is a qualified 501(c)3 non-profit organization; all donations are tax deductible. The team keeps 95% of all donations, and 5% is sent to USA-Swimming to support national swim programs. Swim-a-thon is a very fun event with participation prizes and surprises and cool things for top fund-raisers. Many corporations have matching programs for non-profit donations, so swimmers are encouraged to ask if donors can submit their pledges for corporate match.


For the annual Swim-a-thon, each swimmer is required to turn-in an established minimum fundraising amount based on swimming group. For families with multiple swimmers, the minimum required cap is $400.00. If you chose not to participate, you will be invoiced the monthly training fee in June. The date for Swim-a-thon is usually in the spring, but more information will be posted on the website in the months before the event. All swimmers on an active roster for the 2020-2021 season will be expected to meet the minimum fundraising requirements of the annual Swim-a-thon. Any fundraising amount not met will be billed directly to the swimmer’s account in the month following the event. The High School Elite swimmers are required to raise a minimum of $250, while Senior Swimmers that swim at the reduced HS Elite rate for the HS swim season, return to the Senior rate after the HS season and are expected to raise the minimum of the normal Senior minimum of $350.

Swim-a-thon group fundraising minimum expectations are as follows:

Ripples and Bronze groups $150

Silver, Gold, High School groups $250

Platinum, Senior, National groups $350

Multiple Swimmers family minimum cap $400.



Due to the size of our team, it is difficult to keep track of swimmers who take a leave of absence for any period of time. In addition, it is extremely hard to prepare an annual budget which takes into consideration the income lost by swimmers who decide to take a leave of absence of any length. The Waves require a 12-month commitment starting in September each year. Should a swimmer decide to leave the team at any point in the season, they will be required to provide a written notice by email (no texting) to the Head Coach and team treasurer 30 days in advance of departing the team. In such cases, the swimmer will be required to pay the current month dues, the annual Swim-a-thon minimum payment, as well as an early termination fee, consisting of being billed for the next two months in effect from the date the swimmer ceases training with the team. Should the swimmer decide to rejoin the team, the swimmer shall be subject to the additional charge of the registration fee, along with monthly dues as described above.


Should a swimmer be required to take a leave of absence from training due to an injury, the swimmer must provide documentation to the Head Coach from a licensed medical provider detailing the nature of the injury, as well as the anticipated length of time that the swimmer will be out of the water. Once such documentation is provided, subsequent monthly dues will be reduced until such time as the swimmer is medically cleared to resume training. In order to maintain a place on the team, the swimmer will be required to pay 50% of the monthly training fees at their current training group rate, until they are medically cleared to resume training



If you have further questions, do not hesitate to talk to the head coach (please do not interrupt practice but contact coaches before or after practice).



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