Welcome All Swimmers and Families!


The Spokane Waves will be holding open tryouts for new families interested in joining the team for the 2021-2022 season on an ongoing basis. Interested swimmers only need to attend one night of tryouts.  

Submit our tryout form to schedule a time to setup an evaluation

The Spokane Waves Aquatic Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. The Waves strive to provide specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of their abilities.

Before any swimmer can join the team they must go through our tryout/evaluation process. The evaluation (water test) is used by the coaches to determine the ability level of the athlete and which training group they would be best suited for.

Swimmers will be tested on the proficiency and legality of the four competitive strokes.  While swimmers are being tested by our coaches we try to have parent volunteers on deck to talk about the program and answer questions.

Minimum requirements for Ripples group: Basic abilities in the freestyle and backstroke strokes plus independence in the water. Click here for the full list of Group Descriptions.

How to Prepare for Tryouts

  • Fill out our online tryout form to schedule a time to setup an evaluation.
  • Wear proper swim training attire. Baggy shorts or “beach wear” are not acceptable. You can look at our swimsuit guide if you are unsure.
  • Goggles and a swim cap if your child needs one.

Quarterly Memberships for EWU Site

SWAT’s quarterly membership is available for anyone interested in swimming at SWAT’s EWU site, and would like to preview the team and better understand our team culture before deciding whether or not they want to commit fully to SWAT’s year round swim program.   Please note, this program is only available at our EWU site. 

Below are a few important details about this program – please read this section in it’s entirety:

  • Quarterly membership is not available to anyone currently enrolled in SWAT’s year round program.  Swimmers enrolled in our quarterly system are responsible for adhering to SWAT’s team membership requirements and all requirements found on our team documents page under the ‘parents’ tab on our website
  • The first time you sign up for the quarterly membership, you are exempt from both the 12 month commitment and our swim a thon fundraising dues. 
  • If you decide to sign up for a second quarter, you are still exempt from the 12 month commitment, but are now required to fundraise the minimum amount required for our swim a thon, regardless of whether or not your second quarter falls within the time frame of our swim a thon.  Parents will also be responsible for one swim meet worth of volunteer hours.
  • There is no third quarter allowed within one competition year – after your second quarter, you must start paying full dues and commit to the full 12 month commitment, along with all registration costs.
  • The cost of the quarterly membership includes USASwimming’s Flex membership along with all costs for one full swim meet (quarterly members are allowed only one swim meet per quarter).  Please note, for your initial sign up there is also a $50 administrative fee (which also covers the cost of a SWAT t-shirt and SWAT cap).  Costs are as follows:
    • Quarterly B: $85/mo ($100 swim a thon req – 2nd quarter)
    • Quarterly A: $135/mo ($150 swim a thon req – 2nd quarter)
  • Your quarterly membership is effective starting the first of the next month.  It is upon the registrant to understand our team calendar – any interruptions to our weekly schedule, such as planned breaks or cancelled practices will neither extend the duration of your quarter, nor prorate the price.  We encourage you to ask the coaches about any potential breaks or practice schedule changes that may fall within your quarter.



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