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The Tri-City Channel Cats mission is to provide athletes with a safe environment to realize his or her potential and learn the skills that will enable success in swimming and life.


The purpose of this Association shall be to promote interest and participation in amateur competitive swimming by providing the organizational resources to recruit, train, and support the year round operation of the swim team, and enter the team into competition.  The Association represents the interests of the swim team to the Inland Empire Swimming (IES) organization, other sports organizations, and to the community.  This representation is performed in accordance with the revised Articles of Incorporation and under the rules prescribed by USA Swimming, Inc. and Inland Empire Swimming.


The primary purpose of Tri City Channel Cats is to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in swimming. Unfortunately, safety problems can derail this goal and negatively impact lives. This is especially true if the problem could have been prevented. PREVENT, RESPOND and REPORT are three specific actions each person can do. Our athletes will have monthly training educating them on each of these actions. These actions not only help prevent safety problems, but ensure those which do occur are properly addressed.