Velocity Volunteer Committees

As part of Velocity's 5 year strategic plan several parent and/or coach volunteer committees were formed in order to help us achieve our goals.  We are always looking for more parents interested in joining these committees. Use the email addresses below to contact committee chair members.

Admin/Home Swim Meet/Finance Committee

Purpose: This group focuses on the administrative aspects of running the team and swim meets

Executive Board Chair: Melissa Gentili

Board Member:  Mel Calloway, Claudia Roy

Parent Members:  Jeff Sutton, Noelle Grigsby

Meeting Dates/Times: TBD

Contact: [email protected]

Marketing And Apparel Committee

Purpose: This committee is responsible for all team marketing and apparel

Executive Board Chair: Deb Hernke

Board Member:  

Parent Members:  

Meeting Dates/Times: TBD

Contact: [email protected]

Coach & Pool Space Committee (CAPS)

Purpose: This committee is responsible for addressing coaching needs

Executive Board Chair: Travis Willms

Board Member: Lee Coonfield, Kris Moore

Coaches: Tom Wyllie, Carolyn Petersen, Trent Grigsby

Parent Members: Jeff Sutton, Noelle Grigsby

Meeting Dates/Times: TBD

Contact: [email protected]


Purpose: While fundraising was not specifically part of our 5-year plan, it is a necessary and important part of having a successful swim team.

Executive Board Chair: NA

Board Members: Mel Calloway, Elizabeth Sprauer

Parent Members: Angie Willms

Meeting Dates/Times: TBD

Contact: [email protected]

Team Care

Purpose: Build a culture that supports families and athletes to reach their potential in and out of the water

Executive Board Chair: Rachel Madson

Board Member: Catherline Bauman, Claudia Roy

Parent Members: Kathy Elwyn, Cheryl Hobson

Meeting Dates/Times: TBD

Contact: [email protected]