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Code of Conduct

As a member of Velocity Swimming Club (VS), I am part of a swimming organization that believes in promoting the development of life skills through the sport of swimming. By signing this Code of Conduct, I agree to follow the rules for behavior and sportsmanship while I am a member of VS. The following behavior guidelines state the principles VS expects all members to demonstrate and uphold.

VS is fortunate to have experienced, professional coaches working to develop our children into better swimmers, and more importantly, teaching and instilling important life skills . These skills include time-management, self-discipline, and sportsmanship. Your child will reap the benefits of swimming long after his/her participation with VS ends.

As parents, it is absolutely essential that we give our coaching staff the respect and authority they deserve to run our swim team. Our coaches are hired for that purpose and the Head Coach oversees the direction of the staff.


  • All participating team members will abide by this code of conduct. 
  • Practice sessions are the most important aspect of competitive swimming. Swimmers are encouraged (and sometimes required) to attend the numbers of sessions each week aligned to the group that they have been assigned. Failure to attend in some cases may result in group reassignment at the coach’s discretion. 
  • Swimmer should take each practice session seriously and give 100% during each session. 
  • No swimmer shall interrupt or interfere with another swimmer’s right to a quality practice session. 
  • All participants will wear designated team caps and T-shirts during all competition, and when representing Velocity swimming in the community – e.g. Apple Capital Parade. 
  • Swimmer will respect their coaches at all times, no vulgarity or back talk is acceptable.  Swimmers are expected to pay attention and follow all of the coach’s instructions completely and exactly. If any clarification is needed, they are to ask questions politely.
  • All athletes will participate in all designated championship meets they are qualified for unless prior approval is obtained by the Head Coach.
  • Curfews at team travel events and at all related activities will be obeyed. Extension will only be granted by the Head Coach. Curfew is not enforced if participant is with parents. 
  • Male and Female swimmers may not be in each other’s room on any team trip unless supervised by designated Club official. 
  • There shall be no drinking of alcohol or use of tobacco products or illegal drugs or any substances banned by USA Swimming.
  • Use of drugs other than those prescribed by your physician is unacceptable at any time during the year. 
  • Swimmers are expected to show respect, common courtesies and good sportsmanship at all times to the team members, coaches, competitors, officials, parents and for all facilities and other property used during practices, competitions and team activities.
  • Be respectful of your teammate’s feelings and personal space.   Swimmers who exhibit sexist, racist or inappropriate behavior towards another person will be excused from the practice or meet and will be subject to a disciplinary process as determined by the head coach depending on the severity of the infraction.  Any coach at any time has authority to ask a swimmer to exit the pool for disciplinary reasons.
  • All participants and their parents have a responsibility to do their best to ensure that this Code of Conduct is adhered to and to help ensure the safety of these Program participants. 


The coaches have the authority to impose the following penalties for violation of the Velocity Swimming Club Code of Conduct. The penalties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The swimmer will be given a verbal warning.
  • The swimmer will be pulled out of practice in addition to a verbal warning and the coach will contact the parent.
  • The swimmer will need to be accompanied by a parent at practice for four (4) consecutive practices that they attend.
  • If the swimmer continues his/her inappropriate behavior, he/she will be suspended for one (1) week. (There will be NO prorated fee for monthly dues.)
If the swimmers disciplinary problem continues, the swimmer and parent will meet with the coach to discuss the problem further.
  • The swimmer may be scratched from the meet or events. All fees and costs will not be refunded.
  • The swimmer may be sent home at the swimmer’s family expense for any travel meets.